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Seattle Downtown Restaurants

I have a convention in downtown Seattle in July and have been assigned the responsibility of picking two restaurants for business dinners on Monday and Tuesday nights. Would like owner operated with good food and not over the top with stuffiness. Any recommendations? We will be a party of about 8-10 on each night. A local contact has recommended the Pink Door, Dahlia or Wild Ginger but I would like to learn more about these and other options. Thanks

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  1. Probably the same convention i will be at and Wild Ginger is on my list. I go whenever I'm in Seattle. It has excellent Asian fusion cuisine, dellghtful soups, large and small plates great for sharing or not, nice mix of seafood, meats and vegetarian options. Good bottle and glass wine list, modern and upscale not fussy. Downstairs dining room is nice but request a table upstairs where its a litte quieter. Always had very good food and service there. Perfect place for for business entertaining. Haven't been to the other two but will keep my eye on the responses.

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      Keep an eye open, too, for what's up at the triple door, below the restaurant. We've enjoyed favorite acts there, with menu from Wild Ginger. Very nice.

    2. for business dinner downtown, consider Barolo (across from the Westin, swanky N Italian)...Pink Door is more casual

      1. In my opinion, Wild Ginger has gone downhill and I would not eat there again. Or if I did, I would be very careful in what I ordered. Try Tango. http://www.tangorestaurant.com/
        They have a private room. I especially recommend the mushrooms with serrano jam and sherry and their signature dessert, El Diablo. I recommend ordering several different dishes to share.

        1. For the size of party that you have, you might want to consider Tavolata, and see if they can hold their communal table for you. That early in the week should not be a problem, and absolutely no issue with stuffiness.

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            We ate at Tavolata last week for a special occasion and I can't speak highly enough about the food. The communal table must seat 24-30 (or any size party smaller than that). I would choose it in a heartbeat. I'd also call the chef (Morgan, when we were there) to talk through what you might order.

          2. Dahlia is a good option- I like Barolo as well...
            Also- consider Steelhead Diner

            1. The Pink Door is great for lunch or happy hour on the deck but not really for a business dinner. I would definitely go to Dahlia Lounge. I've had several business dinners there and have recommended it to others for the same purpose and they have always enjoyed it. Wild Ginger is reasonably priced and they accommodate business dinners very well but as you can tell from these posts, the quality of the food is somewhat uneven. The Metropolitan Grill is a little stuffy but great steak. This is a good choice if you have red meat lovers in the group. Besides Dahlia, you could also consider any of Tom Douglas' other restaurants- Etta's, Lola, Palace Kitchen - you can't go wrong with any of them.

              If you have a big budget, go for the Waterfront Seafood Grill. They have a few private rooms on the waterfront. But, yow, it has gotten pricey. Five of us blew our expense budget there on my last visit and the VP got scolded over how much we spent.

              1. Stuffy restaurant is a very rare breed in Seattle. West Coast attitude dictates that things are pretty laid back. You can go to practically any restaurant in t-shirt and jeans and the hostess will never even bat an eye.

                I definitely would not recommend Pink Door for a business dinner. Just doesn't have that kind of a vibe.

                Wild Ginger is a always a good choice. Order the duck!

                As bourbongal has mentioned, any Tom Douglas restaurant will be just fine as well.

                Other good choices would be Flying Fish, O'Asian, and if you want waterfront, try Elliott's - best Cioppino you will ever have.

                1. We went to Wild Ginger on a recent visit, it was a great choice. We walked in at 6p in our casual tourist clothes with no reservations and they were really nice. It casual, but it's not flip flop, t -shirt casual. Our service was notable, because they served us flat sparkling wine, they replaced it for us and then when we received our bill it was taken off our check too. That was a pleasant surprise. Wild Ginger has an expansive menu, great for a group to eat family style. I wish we would have gone with more people, just so we could have eaten more. I tried the Lamb Satay and I want more just writing about it. Will visit again.