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So, I've got this Cod's head...

on a recent deep sea trip another fisherman pulled in a 46pound whopper of a cod. as i was watching the deck hand filet out the day's catch and toss the frames and innards to the waiting gulls i thought "what can i do with that giant cod head?"

so, now i have the head in my freezer. it weighs about 15 pounds and the cheeks are still intact.

does anyone have a good recipe for fish head soup? i'm thinking something with Asian flair but any advice is welcome.

thanks in advance!

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      crap! thanks for those links.
      i'm actually embarrassed as i'm the one who usually touts the search-the-board thing.

      1. re: ScubaSteve

        it's ok, even i did it once a couple of months ago, and i still cringe when i think about it ;)

        oh, and for the record, you are one lucky hound. cod cheeks...yum!

    2. Ohhhhhhh that sounds like fun- leave it right out front, standing up & send unsuspecting people into your freezer for 'ice'.

      (I have nothing of value to add, I would play with it but probably not deal well with the boiling of it and the eyes.... I've watched Batali do stuff with cheeks before-he'd have good recipes if you like Italian.)

      1. I'd kill for the brain! Could you sort of describe the size of the brain mass when you're done? I'm curious and not a little jealous.

        I haven't looked through all the links goodhealthgourmet provided, but just to say that the Chinese Clay Pot Fishhead usually involves browning the fish head like you would with meat.

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        1. re: HLing

          if i can i'll post some pics this weekend.

          here's the head before freezing:

        2. I'd cut and split down the center and broil with just some salt added. Eat using chopsticks; serve with hot rice and a spicy dipping sauce. Use the bones for stock.

          1. i have to admit...
            i just love the title of this thread!!! (c;

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              i was half expecting someone to ask where i bought my hats.

            2. My roommate and I just picked up about 25 lbs of cod trimmings from the local fishmonger...

              Just slapped the collar and body on the grill and tore through it - there's plenty of meat on the carcasses! Next one's getting the misoyaki treatment. LOVE Sam's split and grilled head suggestion btw.

              Now we still got a ton of heads and bodies to go through....ScubaSteve, what did you end up doing with your cod head?

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              1. re: joonjoon

                i did a Asian style stew using a fish stock base with ginger, lemongrass, red bean paste, star anise and a bunch of other stuff i can't remember now. once the head was done i split it and served one half in the broth and the other went under the broiler where i brushed it with a reduction of the stew liquid and some chili powders.

                1. re: joonjoon

                  jj & SS, we may be spreading the word about a good thing: split broiled heads! I forgot to add cold beer to go along with the fish and rice.

                2. Upon Julia Child's recommendation to make fish stock from heads and frames, MANY years ago I got a fish head from a long-gone fish market. If memory serves, it was probably cod, and about 10#. I didn't know any particulars, so I simmered the head with onion, carrot, and celery, for however long it took for things to start falling apart. The end result was gray and semi-opaque, and didn't taste like much. I wound up picking out the hard parts and giving the rest to the cats, who ate it but not enthusiastically. I didn't remove the gills because I didn't know I was supposed to. Was this the reason, or did I do something else wrong? I haven't tried making fish stock since, but would like to.

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                  1. re: greygarious

                    You need to simmer the heads and frames - and some carrots, celery and aromatics - at a very low simmer and for not more than 40 minutes. I use chachama - an Amazon fish good for lots of collagen and a thick gelatinous stock. No gills, no fins!

                  2. a great recipe is cods head stew.
                    you prepare equal amounts of heads, potatoes, and onions. in a large boiler, get 1 liter of water boiling.add 2 tbs salt. put in a layer of heads, a layer of potatoes and a layer of onions repeat until all ingredients are used. boil all together for 20 minutes. NOTE .. THE HEADS MUST BE CUT OUT USING ONLY THE SIDES OF THE HEADS AND THE EYES,NOSE, AND GILLS DISCARDED,delicoius.

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                    1. re: recipies

                      Your punctuation is unclear. Is the nose included, or discarded?