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Sep 12, 2004 09:07 PM

THRIFTY ICE CREAM (still kickin' at RITE AID)

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While I run the risk of restating the obvious here let me just say that THRIFTY ICE CREAM, beloved by GENERATIONS of Californians is:

1) STILL AROUND (The Thrifty name didn't survive the RITE AID takeover; but, the ice cream sure did HALLELUJAH!!!

2) STILL GREAT! - I am a dyed in the wool super premium ice cream snob (GOD, DO I MISS FRUSEN GLADJE!!!) and I don't know how they do it but, man the THRIFTY stuff is GREAT!! Great texture, wonderful assortment of terrifc flavors, not to mention CHARACTER GALORE!!!
The SCOOPER for starters. It looks like some kind of surgical implement & delivers this aesthetically challenged barrel of ice cream, which (eyesore aside) is a PERFECT "little bit extra" serving of the goods (form follows function baby)
The whole idea of buying ice cream in a drugstore always gets to me; I feel like I am back in Kansas(where I have never been) with the grandmother that I never had...maybe this nostalgia is not exactly a universal one...
Anyway, If you get all misty about an imaginary blue hair doting on you like I do, all the better; if not,
there's still a big ol' oversized scoop of some rockin' ice cream to feed your soul....

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  1. What's your favorite flavor?

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    1. re: nubi

      Pecan Praline - but I love soooo many of them. Coconut Pineapple is a great one too

      1. re: Zanzibar

        You found a Rite-Aid where there are clerks at the counter? Hallelujah! Better keep the location a secret, though; corporate management might find out and close them down for having sufficient staff on hand.

        (Not that SDav-On is any better, mind you)

        1. re: TE

          Seems to me their ice cream has gotten gummier and less flavorful over the years. Can't even find a pistachio nut in the pistachio anymore. Maybe the counter-service stuff is a richer recipe, I don't know. I'm judging from the half-gallons. I don't dare approach their ice cream counter...all of a sudden you hear them scream "Clerk to ice cream! Clerk to ice cream!" and you're embarrassed that the poor old lady stocking the shelves has to stop what she's doing and run up front just to give you a scoop.

          1. re: joe

            I think you and I shop at the same Rite-Aid, but the clerk at mine is disgusted that she has to stop chatting with the security guard. Must be a different shift.

            Anyway, my favorite is the chocolate malted crunch (at least I think that's what it's called). Thrifty was the first place I tried that new-fangled cookie-dough ice cream in the late 80's and early 90's. When I was 12 it was the best thing I'd ever tasted.

            1. re: lahgreen

              Chocolate Malted Crunch = Childhood

            2. re: joe

              Funny, I wish that there would be LESS pistachio nuts in my Thriftys Pistachio Nut ice cream because I enjoy the taste of the light green ice cream that surrounds the nuts. May I suggest just buying the half-gallons and cones and enjoying them at your home?

            3. re: Zanzibar

              I don't mind admitting I've always been a big fan of Thrifty Ice Cream. And, would you believe, same flavors!

            4. re: nubi

              black cherry & of course choc malted(!)crunch

              1. re: nubi

                My favorite flavor is Pistachio Nut, with Burgundy Cherry running a close second. Yes, this is really good ice cream at an incredible price (it was just on sale for $1.99 for half-gallon!).

                1. re: Rich

                  Oops... There is no Burgundy Cherry. I believe that its Black Cherry (yummy!)

                2. re: nubi

                  mmmm. Chocolate Malted Crunch!

                  1. re: nubi

                    Chocolate chip. Simple but done really really well by Thriftys.

                  2. Do they still have marble fudge?

                    1. t
                      torta basilica

                      I think it's sherbert instead of Ice cream, but their apricot mango is so delicious & refreshing!

                      1. oh memories!! chocolate malted crunch! i just did a search on their website, but i can't find any in my old area. are there any left in the valley?

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                        1. re: p

                          I don't know, but the rite aid on Lincoln and california in Venice has ice cream

                        2. My Rite Aide does not carry half gallon sizes any more i noticed the amount is much less than the traditional. I wonder if its everywhere or just here?