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Atlanta- perimeter area- what's good?

Looks like we are going to be staying in the perimeter area for 10 nights in July. Breakfast and lunch will already be taken care of every day, but we would like some place to go in the evening, both to eat and drink. We will have access to a vehicle, but would prefer to walk. Our hotel is near a mall and I think that it is the Dunwoody exit on MARTA. Any ideas and/or suggestions would be great!

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  1. The area around perimeter is pretty chain-ish but a few good choices would be Wildfire, Season's 52, and Joey D's. All have nice bar areas as well.

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      Those are all excellent choices. Chequers Seafood Grill is in that area as well (awesome Sunday brunch). Also Goldfish is attached to the mall. It is a part of the Here to Serve Restaurant group and has a nice bar area that often has live music.

      A couple of chains that are in the area but have consistently good food are McCormick & Schmick's (nice happy hour) and Maggiano's.

      The MARTA station is attached to Perimeter Mall. From there you are about 25 - 30 minutes to downtown Atlanta which increases your options greatly. Look for information on this Board about the restaurants that are near MARTA.

    2. Used to be a pretty good steak house called McKendricks as well. Villa Christina is near by. I used to work in that area, but it's been a few years so don't know what's new.

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          Yep, I know how to search, but the newest of those links was over a year old. A lot can change in the restaurant world in a year! This site has been around for a long time- I'm not sure that I've ever seen something posted that hadn't been covered earlier- the repeat questions keep things updated!

          Thanks to all for the suggestions- looks like some good stuff here!

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            Hey- sorry to be obnoxious before, but there's no indication that you did any looking in your OP. "Here's my list of places folks have mentioned before. Hey, is ____ still good? What else is new/different that we should check out?"

            My update is that Frank Ma's is gone; Canton Cooks may have gone downhill; and the Seasons 52 at the mall is pretty good for a chain. 5 Seasons Brewing in Sandy Springs has finally recovered from the Sembler-induced construction nightmare.

            Be sure to report back on where you went, so it isn't a one-way street.

        2. All are good suggestions.
          Mckendricks is an original and is a top steak joint in the country.
          For a few original dinners within short driving distance:
          Head up Ashford Dunwoody Road toward Dunwoody Village.
          Merge right on Mount Vernon and take first left at traffic light (Chamblee Dunwoody Road)
          Take first left at next light into Shops of Dunwoody.
          Mudcats is fairly new and great Cajun food and music most nights.

          A few other close by great original Italian restaurants:

          Oscar's Villa Capri
          (770) 392-7940 Menu
          2090 Dunwoody Club Way, Dunwoody, GA 30338

          Toni's Casa Napoli
          (770) 394-9359
          2486 Mt Vernon Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338

          Enjoy your stay in Metro Atlanta's greatest city: The City of Dunwoody.

          Mayor Wright
          Dunwoody, Georgia

          1. McKendrick's for an awesome upscale steakhouse experience.
            Mudcatz for excellent Oysters Rockefeller and live music Wed-Sat nights starting around 8.
            Wright's for the best sandwiches in Atlanta (open for lunch only).
            Mad Italian for great pasta fagiole.
            Peter's for an all-around really great meal and service.
            Most all the other decent places to eat are chains...

            1. I lived in Dunwoody for the last 12 years and just moved to Vinings to be closer to work.

              You have some great suggestions here. My favorites in order are;
              1. McKendricks, just a great classic, independent steakhouse.
              2. Goldfish, Asian fusion with pretty good Sushi.
              3. Seasons 52, even though it is a "corporate" restaurant, I have always enjoyed their food and their low calorie concept and their Bar is also very nice.
              4. Joey D's, moderately priced, wide selection, very consistent, good bar.

              However, don't neglect to use MARTA. You are only 10 to 15 minutes by train from Midtown and Downtown where your selection increases dramatically and you can drink and not have to worry about driving home. Dunwoody just became a city last year and they have a large police force with nothing to do but pull over potential DUI's. My son, who is a student at the CIA, is here in Atlanta doing his externship at Restaurant Eugene and he has been pulled over 5 times and gone through the entire DUI process 4 times (luckily, he was just leaving work at 2AM, and not drinking) when going back to Dunwoody to see his friends. Be Careful. Take MARTA, it's Smarta.....

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                Thank you for this and all the other suggestions. As it turned out, I didn't really have a say in the matter- you can't argue with a bunch of hungry women! Anyway, we ate at some cafe a couple of times- don't remember the name, but it was right next to Goldfish in the same mall- we ate out on the patio, and it was actually pretty good!

                Also did a pizza place in the same area- again it was very good, and again I can't remember the name! Ate outside again though.

                We also did Ray's in the City one night- I can't even remember what we had (we work really long hours while there, and are pretty exhausted by the time we get out), but I do remember my roommate, who was getting pretty bitchy about perceived slow service- saying that his fish was some of the best he had ever eaten. Must have been pretty good!

                Thanks again for all the suggestions!