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Jun 21, 2009 01:23 PM

First trip to Dallas......

Hi Guys great board , am making my first trip to Dallas tomorrow and will be there all week Fly out on Friday. I am looking forward to some outstanding food. Can't afford the real pricey stuff.

I tend to like small places, whole in the walls are fine by me like a good glass of wine with a meal but a cold beer will do just as well.

Staying at the old Richardson hotel , now the North Dallas Hyatt

I have four nights and was looking for a BBQ, Mexican ,Tex Mex, and Cajun( I will hit pappadeax's if there is not a better local place .

I have been to Austin fairly frequently and liked, Rudy's , County Line, Stubbs, Manuels on Congress, Shoal Creek Saloon ( I usually eat half my meals here), Cherry Creek Catfish Co., and Pappadeauxs.

Hopefully this will help you guys point me in the right direction . Looking forward to my visit.

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  1. Even thought you didn't mention Italian....


    Great Italian food.....when we first sit down, we order drinks and an order of their rolls with a bowl of meat sauce on the side!

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      Italian's tough for me first I'm from NY second my wife is Italian and makes scratch pastas and sauces hard to top in a restaurant

    2. Well, first, forget about BBQ. You're in the wrong city for that. Save the BBQ for Austin. We've got plenty of Tex-Mex, though.
      Find your way to Oak Cliff for a lot of the best mexican food in the area. I would search here on this site and,
      On the "home page" there's a link to, "Mexican on Jefferson Avenue" in, Oak Cliff.
      Check it out and have fun.
      Cajun? "Nate's" on Midway at Beltline in Addison. Probably the best around.

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      1. re: twinwillow

        I would not ever "forget" about any food type in any large metro area - Our D/FW metro is a very large space with hundreds, if not thousands of BBQ joints, some liking hiding, yet undiscovered gems in the rough. (I know of a couple, although not in the LBJ/Central surround) I would be hard pressed to write the entire DFW BBQ genre off due to a few chains catering bad BBQ to the unsuspecting masses.

        1. re: CocoaNut

          Mind sharing these places with us? I'd gladly make the trek, it'd beat taking a trip to Central TX.

          1. re: CocoaNut

            I second Air's request. I would love to know of a few good hidden treasures within our area.

        2. If you're flying into DFW, stop at Hard Eight in Coppell, it's not the best 'que in Texas, and it's slightly overpriced, but it is one of the few places in the metroplex that does bbq in the central Texas style. Otherwise I haven't found much that's worth the trouble, nothing that's any better than Rudy's or Stubbs, which aren't that great in the first place.

          1. I'm also traveling to Dallas for the first time this weekend -- arriving about 9 pm Friday, so probably looking to do some late-night eating/wine bar hopping around 11. Any suggestions for late-night eats?

            I also third (fourth?) the request for good BBQ places -- Hard Eight sounds like a great place to hit up before flying out on Sunday. The Oak Cliff recommendation is appreciated too.

            I'm thinking that I'll want one fancy-pants dinner on Saturday night and I'm considering making a reservation at Stephen Pyles. The credit-card guarantee worries me, though, because I probably won't make up my mind until Saturday morning anyway. I notice that they have a separate ceviche/tapas menu -- are there separate dining rooms for lounge eating and full-menu eating at SP?

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            1. re: turtles_27

              I would make the reservation now. If your wanting to have dinner at any fine dining restaurant, you would most likely need a reservation ahead of time. Although, most restaurants dont require a credit card to secure the reservation. Stephan Pyles would be a great place for dinner being your first time in town. The whole restaurant is one room broken up by the display kitchen. The ceviche bar is in front of the kitchen. The bar is in a corner in the front of the restaurant. Im sure they have photo's on their website.

              1. re: turtles_27

                You have a couple options Friday night, you could hit up West Village, maybe eat at Lazare & drink at Social House. Or you could head to One Arts, eat at Tei An or Dali. Or you could go to that area by Primo's, and skip eating for the most part. I'd agree with Hard Eight on your way out Sunday. tbh if you're going to splurge for dinner at Stephan Pyles, I wouldn't want to do it at the ceviche bar. Their ceviche is not that great or representative, and their best options are from the full menu.

              2. Wolfang Puck's "360" would be a great dinner venue for someone coming to Dallas from out of town as well. The food is very good, I hear. And, you can't beat the view!

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                  1. re: twinwillow

                    Great idea. The food is awesome and view is neat, especially if you are visiting Dallas for the first time.