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Jun 21, 2009 12:33 PM

Michaels Geniune... first timer

Going to MGFD next weekend for the first time, and have been looking at both their menu and some older posts to decide what to order. Are there any "must haves" that never leave the menu, or any recommendations based on what they're currently offering?

Also, I have 9pm reservations and will need to kill about an hour after dinner before hitting an event. Are there any cool bars within walking distance to have a couple extra drinks after dinner?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions...

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    1. re: The Chowfather

      Yes, that overview of all the dishes is great but the menu recently (about a month ago) underwent some changes and many of the old standards are gonzo. Some still exist but in different iterations, like the fudge farms pork chop which is now indian spiced.

      That said, I always look for the "new" items as the menu changes regularly, sometimes daily. I had the bacon wrapped apricots the other night and they were fantastic. Any "cheek" on the menu is great and the tilefish (large plate) is phenomenal. I also had grilled triggerfish the other night which was also a great new item.

      You could always stay at MGFD for a cocktail as the bar is always hoppin'. But, if you want a change of scenery and a great set of bartenders, if albeit a small bar, head to Sra Martinez just across the street and to the right towards 2nd Ave.


      1. re: Blind Mind

        We just had dinner there this past Fri and it was amazing as aways. I agree that you cannot go wrong with any of the "cheek" dishes. We also had the Double Yolk Farn egg which was so good we ordered another one as soon as the first was done. The Pig Ear Salad was a hit with our group as was the homemade Pastrami. The Blackfin Conserva was really good too. The Octopus was perfect and we almost got a 2nd order of that but wanted to save room for dessert. I love the liver crostini but its not for everyone.

    2. do not miss the pork chop!

        1. re: miaedu

          That looks pretty current. They're pretty good about updating the website menu weekly, but it will still change some from day to day.

          1. re: miaedu

            Yes. Thats the menu we had this past Friday, June 21st.

            1. re: Suzie

              Wow, sounds like a lot of us were there this past Sunday haha...

          2. Thanks for the responses everyone. Got another question... There will be two of us going, we plan on sharing everything, and both have healthy appetites. Based on that, what is the right mix of plates (since I don't know the portion sizes)? 2 small, 2 med, and share a large? Is that too much, not enough, what do you guys think?

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            1. re: Corporate_40

              On my last visit my gf, mom and I shared 1 small (dates) 3 med (pastrami, tuna conserva, duck) 1 lrg (mutton snapper) 1 side (baby chokes) and 1 dessert. We ate everything and left full.

              The sides and snacks are all very good also and can be used to "fill in the gaps" if you don't order too much from the rest. I try to always keep an open mind and see which way my stomach is drawn...

              1. re: Corporate_40

                I usually eat at the bar solo and get either 1 small and 2 mediums or 2 smalls and 1 medium and then do a cheese of the week for dessert. Sometimes I will get 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large. It kinda all depends on how hungry I am and whats on the menu. I usually do the small/medium because I prefer small plates and like to get a bunch of different flavors. Plus, the small/medium seem to change over more than the large/xlarge. Just go with what you are interested in and you can always add more. The kitchen is pretty fast even when the place is packed.

                1. re: Corporate_40

                  The labeling of "small" and "medium" dishes can be somewhat arbitrary, particularly among the "mediums". Some, like the octopus, or the pasta, or the pork belly, are substantial enough to serve as a "main" course, while others like the blt salad are clearly starter material.

                  2 small + 2 medium +1 large is probably about right for 2 people depending on which ones you order. Don't forget the snacks and the vegetable sides though as many good things lurk here - crispy hominy, chicken liver crostini, wood roasted cauliflower or brussels sprouts.

                2. Awesome, thanks for the responses.