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Jun 21, 2009 11:49 AM

I heart the Sentinel

Now that I'm working in downtown I'm making a dedicated effort to discover the best casual lunch places in the area. However, my quest may end up being cut short as I'm tempted to just eat at the Sentinel every day until my summer internship ends.

The Sentinel is pretty much the perfect sandwich shop. The offerings are fantastic, the menu has enough variety to please anyone, and they get the food out fast enough to meet the needs of their busy working clientele.

If you need a place to eat, the Crocker Galleria is right across the street and has a beautiful food court on the third floor.

Tried four sandwiches last week:

Corned beef - just phenomenal. Do they cure this in house? Melt in your mouth meat, great flavor, not too salty. Loved the Russian Dressing. Would order this again and again.

Roast beef - exactly what I've been looking for in a roast beef sandwich. Meat was nice and rare - pink and red - and incredibly juicy and tender. Loved the horseradish cream cheese - it was great to have the burn of the horseradish and the comforting flavor and texture of cream cheese all in one bite.

Yellowtail -- much lighter than the beef sandwiches, though still quite satisfying. Generous portion of very fresh fish that was well seared. Avocado was perfect and the fennel added a nice crispness to the sandwich.

Turkey meatball - good, though probably my least favorite of the set. The meatball was nice and juicy, but I didn't love the overall flavors in the sandwich.

Bread on all of these is just fantastic. Really soft and light though it stll stands up to the sandwiches. I love Acme, but it's nice to have something different. Do they bake it in-house? If not, who is their source?

Will have to try the pork next week, and take the Muni out to Kitchennette sometime soon.

The Sentinel
55 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105

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  1. Link:

    The Sentinel
    55 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105

    1. >>If you need a place to eat, the Crocker Galleria is right across the street and has a >>beautiful food court on the third floor.

      Take the stairs up one more level and enjoy your lunch in the roof garden.

      Stairs are located between SF Soup Co and the Chili place.

      1. Yes, they bake their bread in-house--at least the focaccia-style bread. Not sure about the rye (I think the corned beef comes on rye, it has been awhile).

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        1. re: Leadbelly

          Hey Morton, I still dream about the corned beef sarnie we had in March. At that time, he was putting it on the quasi-focaccia (see photo) which was perfect. I notice you reference Russian dressing -- I thought Russian D referred to the pickle that came with (red face) which was the only thing I didn't adore about this offering. If I worked in that nabe I would be in line with you every day to try the various sandwiches!

          Whitterings here:

        2. I loved the Sentinel too. The pork sandwich w/havarti, fig and frisee was superb. I wasn't as keen on the bread. It became too mushy for me. I ended up eating it separately from the sandwich about half way through my meal. Next time I'll try the corned beef.

          The Sentinel
          55 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105

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          1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

            My only criticism of the Sentinel (very minor criticism!) is that they are a little too heavy on the condiments on the sandwiches, so it makes for a kind of mushy sandwich after a little while, especially if you're walking it back 15 minutes away to your office like I usually am. Next time, I'll ask for them to be light on the dressing or toppings for that reason.

            1. re: JasmineG

              Or share with a friend in the SF Moma Gardens :-).