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Jun 21, 2009 11:30 AM

Mastro's/Beverly Hills

I'm going to Mastro's this Friday evening (June 29, 2009). What are their best dishes?

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  1. HITS:
    App: sauteed shrimp - succulent, well seasoned. (Really only for 1-2 people)
    Entree: bone-in filet - moist, meaty goodness; double porterhouse - perfectly cooked, ideal if you'd like to die from a meat coma
    Sides: sweet potato fries - sweet and crunchy

    Entree - Live Maine Lobster - came out dry

    Sides: shoestring fries if you have a minimum of 3-4 people to split it with. It's a huge portion and the salty, fried crunch gets old after a few bites

    1. I've been happy with all their steaks, whether it be their New York, fillet, or porterhouse. I like my meat on the rare/med-rare side and they've always hit the mark in terms of doneness.

      For sides, the lobster mashed potatoes and sweet potato fries are great.

      1. Bone-in filet. Bone-in ribeye. They're awesome.


        1. i'm not really a fan of the food at Mastro's, so i can't recommend any dishes for you. i CAN, however, recommend that you double-check your reservation, because this Friday is the 26th, not the 29th...make sure you've actually got a table on Friday evening and not the following Monday!

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          1. All I can say is VEAL VEAL VEAL. Mastro's has amazing veal. For a entree i'd go with veal milanese or a grilled veal chop. The chop might not be on the menu but they'll make it for you. The other amazing thing here is the gnocchi. Last week I had spinach gnocchi with veal bolognese which was to die for.