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Mastro's/Beverly Hills

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I'm going to Mastro's this Friday evening (June 29, 2009). What are their best dishes?

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  1. HITS:
    App: sauteed shrimp - succulent, well seasoned. (Really only for 1-2 people)
    Entree: bone-in filet - moist, meaty goodness; double porterhouse - perfectly cooked, ideal if you'd like to die from a meat coma
    Sides: sweet potato fries - sweet and crunchy

    Entree - Live Maine Lobster - came out dry

    Sides: shoestring fries if you have a minimum of 3-4 people to split it with. It's a huge portion and the salty, fried crunch gets old after a few bites

    1. I've been happy with all their steaks, whether it be their New York, fillet, or porterhouse. I like my meat on the rare/med-rare side and they've always hit the mark in terms of doneness.

      For sides, the lobster mashed potatoes and sweet potato fries are great.

      1. Bone-in filet. Bone-in ribeye. They're awesome.


        1. i'm not really a fan of the food at Mastro's, so i can't recommend any dishes for you. i CAN, however, recommend that you double-check your reservation, because this Friday is the 26th, not the 29th...make sure you've actually got a table on Friday evening and not the following Monday!

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          1. All I can say is VEAL VEAL VEAL. Mastro's has amazing veal. For a entree i'd go with veal milanese or a grilled veal chop. The chop might not be on the menu but they'll make it for you. The other amazing thing here is the gnocchi. Last week I had spinach gnocchi with veal bolognese which was to die for.

            1. Their crab gnocchi and their signature warm butter cake are VERY good (and compelling enough for us to return for a second visit within a one week period).

              1. I think their scalloped potatoes are wonderful.

                1. Bone-In ribeye! Bone-in filet! Chilean sea bass! Creamed corn! Crab gnocchi!

                  (if you do get the fish, ask to NOT have it on a hot plate. Last time, the first bite was heaven but since it kept cooking on the hot plate, by the end, it was a little tough.)

                  YUM!!! Lucky you!!