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Jun 21, 2009 10:49 AM

Where to buy frozen udon?

I used to get frozen udon from Kotobukiya in Porter Square, but I haven't been able to find it since Kotobukiya closed. C-Mart only has refrigerated udon as far as I'm aware, so I've been at a loss.

Has anyone seen frozen udon at a store that's T-accessible? Thanks!

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  1. I usually opt for the refrigerated or dried kind myself, so I can't vouch for the availability of the frozen kind but have you checked out the local Korean markets too? Udon is also quite common in Korean cooking - I'm thinking Lotte off Mass Ave, Reliable market in Union (by bus) or even John's Market in Allston. The only other place I can think of trying otherwise is the tiny Japanese market on Newbury St (closer to the Mass Ave end) that is below street level.

    Refrigerated and dried udon are available at most Chinese markets.

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      The name of the Japanese market on Newbury is Cherry Mart. Not sure if it has frozen udon, though. But it does seem better stocked overall than previously.

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        they for sure have chilled udon at reliable. whether it is refrigerated or frozen, i can't say.

      2. Extremely happy to report that Japanese Food Mart (formerly Village Food Land) on Harvard St in Brookline Village has five brands of frozen udon. Since in my experience frozen udon has a much better texture than dried or refrigerated udon, I'm extremely relieved to have found a source.

        1. You can find them in the frozen corner at Lotte, which is the Korean market on Mass Ave next to MIT museum of science.