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Jun 21, 2009 10:32 AM

Dining Alone in Vancouver


I'm 24 year old female going to Vancouver in August on my own for a week and was looking for some suggestions of where is good to dine alone? Somewhere with a young crowd and a good atmosphere?? I will be meeting up with some friends some nights, but the rest of my time it'll just be me!!

Any help would be great!



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  1. Boneta, Chambar, WildRice, The Diamond (more drinking), Cascade Room... I'm having a brain fart.. I'm sure I will think of more.

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    1. re: Cancuk

      The bar at Fuel, Hapa, Zakkushi, the Guu's maybe. - I've dined alone at those places and sat at the bar.

    2. Thanks for the suggestions, ill check them out!!

      1. Toshi Sushi (on 16th just off Main) always has a HUGE lineup. Beat the line by going alone and telling them you're happy to sit at the bar! Best sushi in town (if you ask me) - yum yum.