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Jun 21, 2009 09:48 AM

Looking for a good place to throw a surprise Party.

I'm looking for a place to throw my boyfriend's 30th bday. I would love a place that has a nice patio that we could go for dinner and drinks and also that could accomodate a large amount of people.

The other option is to find a place that we could go for dinner, but would turn into a bar or lounge later in the night (i.e. spice route).

Please help!

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  1. I really like The Fifth. Great patio, very accommodating, and then you can head downstairs to club. Less lounge there though.

    1. fuzion on church street has a great deck, great street people watching, great cocktails and good tapas style menu and good dinner food....

      1. I just threw 2 parties at the Sky Yard at the Drake - both were very big hits. Easy to deal with staff, very accomodating. One was a 25th and the other was a bachelorette pre-party - both had about 20 people in attendance, bottle service and nibbly's. I highly recommend it for a great evening out!

        1. Torito in Kensington has a great rear patio and yummy tapas. The patio's a decent size but not humongous -- not sure how many people you are trying to accommodate.

          I also agree with JaclynS that the patio at the Drake could be a good choice.