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Jun 21, 2009 08:39 AM

Piccadilly Circus--dinner for American college students?

Any recommendations for an inexpensive place for dinner (10-15 pounds maximum) in the Piccadilly Circus area that would be not too touristy for a group of fairly sophisticated, New York City college students? Any cuisine is fine, but would prefer a place that isn't too spicy so that everyone's taste can be accomodated.

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  1. You will be 5 mins. walk from Chinatown:

    A number of knowledgeable Hounds think N.Y.'s Chinese scene is better than London's, but you should come in on budget.

    1. Scroll down a little and you will come across my post about Yalla Yalla, a Lebanese cafe off Brewer Street in Soho. Would definitely be a suitable option as has good food (within your price range) and a nice cool vibe. Only problem is that the place is small (probably 20 covers max) so depends upon the size of your group. Not sure they take reservations either but worth putting in a call to find out if they can accommodate you.

      1. Abeno Too, is a pretty decent okonimiyaki place. Good fun and a bit different...
        Walkable from Piccadilly Circus..

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          Have a look at the website
          You can find a variety of places for all budgets and book online as well.