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Jun 21, 2009 07:59 AM

Looking for Trivia Night Bars

Anyone know of any good trivia night bars. Any neighborhood.

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  1. Finn McCool's in Mid-City does one every Monday night. I believe 45 Tchoup had it too (not sure if they still do).

    1. The Crown and Anchor in Algiers Point has one on Thursday nights, I believe. Great old english pub, just down from the ferry, but watch out, they take their pub quiz seriously over there!

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        LOL You're not kidding. I live in the point and have gone to the pub trivia at Crown and ANchor. It's pretty hard core. I was shocked by the level of knowledge there.

      2. Baton rouge has some check out for locations..The Chimes on Monday and something called, I think, Port Royal, and somewhere else. Not the remote pushbutton sort of questions and hand-written responses

        1. Finn McCools!!!! It gets no better, trust me. Every Monday night starting at 8. No entry fee and random (usually stupid but still fun) prizes for 5th-1st place. 1st place team also gets a $20 bar tab to use at the end. And the last place team wins a bag of potatoes. Seriously, I am a diehard regular and it is tons of fun. You never know quite what the topics are gonna be, but you usually need to know your stuff. The owners are Irish as are the two bartenders that work the bar that night. It's a neighboorhood place, so you get that Cheers everyone knows everyone vibe.

          1. The Half Moon has a quiz night, I believe on Wednesday.