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Jun 21, 2009 07:32 AM

About 30 small mangos

just picked around 30 fresh mangos off the local trees. They are about the size of smallish avocados. They are sweet and juicy, a little fibrous, not a great deal of flavour and not much flesh.
Any suggestions? they peel easily but don't come away from the pit easily. I don't want mango salsa, they are fiddly to cut and become they are a bit fibrous do not make even squares.
Can I make mango pies? Jam? They will be a fair bit of work I think.

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  1. Chutney! But that's my answer to virtually anything that sits around and taunts me to figure out a use for it. Flavorful enough to compensate for blander mangoes.


    1. How 'bout mango sorbet? Many recipes don't require ice cream makers if you don't have one.

      This one from Alton Brown is for black pepper mango sorbet:

      1. Jam sounds good. Sweet or sweet and hot.

        1. They're yummy in a big pitcher of Sangria

          1. I would cut the flesh off of the fruits and freeze it, and then make mango smoothies or frozen mango margaritas. The frozen mango margarita, while admittedly a "light and fluffy" rather than serious drink, is perhaps my favorite fruit-based alcoholic drink :-)

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              now that sounds good! so I can freeze the cut fruit?

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                Yes, you can -- although recognize that once frozen, it will be best used in things like smoothies, where you take advantage of the frozen nature. Freeze the cut up mango on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper (that way, you will have separately frozen chunks which are easy to use), or if it's very soft/pulpy, in ice cube trays, then store in a ziplock baggie.

              2. re: DanaB

                Salsa for me, I am love mangos. Drinks. Just cut and freeze, you can use it with rum, vodka, bourbon, tequilla in many drinks. Just freeze as ice cubes. Easy. Remove and put in a baggie.

                Also, they are great in a marinade with some tequilla for shrimp with a little cilantro and red pepper flakes. Absolutely great.

                Also great mixed with some lime juice and sauteed onion for a light sauce over grilled fish

                Mixed with honey, brown sugar, red pepper flakes and some sour cream makes a great sauce for chicken in a sandwich with grilled onions and a spicy manchego cheese on grilled Italian bread. I think someone else also mentioned ice cubes too.

                A little pureed in ice cubes is a great addition to just ice tea or a fruit juice or even just soda water.

                Heat up mix with some fresh mint and maybe some raspberries and saute and pour over ice cream or angel food cake for desert.

                I eat about 7 mangos a week easily.