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Jun 21, 2009 07:21 AM

Las Vegas looking for specific food

Long time lurker looking for info on where to find pork belly, beef cheeks and bone marrow. Looking for these foods in vegas and am leaving on Tuesday, know this board can help. I am not looking for full meals here just where I might be able to find these possibly as appetizers. On company business so I can't spend an arm and a leg but am willing to go a little higer. Already going to the Bubble Bar. Please help!

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  1. Pork Belly has become ubiquitous on Las Vegas menus these days, so you might even want to narrow the focus based on your preference - Asian, French and Italian takes are easy to find. Bone Marrow is not as easy to find but there are some options, like CUT at the Palazzo (they do both a bone marrow flan, and also bone marrow dumplings that are served in an oxtail bouillon), and Botero at the Encore. Beef Cheeks show up as specials on occasion, but there is a Beef Cheek ravioli (with black truffle and duck liver) that is a staple of the B&B menu at the Venetian. You could probably find all three of your options under the Venetian/Palazzo roof, which makes it easy to try them at different places for an appetizer crawl.

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      I would second the recommendation for the Beef Cheek Ravioli at B&B. It's fantastic but it will cost you a bit more than an appetizer would.

      I had a wonderful experience at Guy Savoy's Bubble Bar, so you shouldn't be disappointed. Be sure to check back and give us a full report.