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Jun 21, 2009 06:57 AM

Saturday lunch/brunch in Philly

I will be in Philadelphia for a day next month and would welcome recommendations for a nice place to eat lunch/brunch. Since it will be an early birthday celebration for me, I'd like someplace nice (any cuisine will do) but not to break the bank (i.e., moderate price). Thanks--I posted this on the Pennsylvania board, but nobody responded.

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  1. You can't go wrong with Sabrina's Cafe!
    I haven't had a bad thing there! They have excellent coffee (roasted in Philly), a very friendly waitstaff, and the prices are very reasonable considering how GOOD the food is. There are two locations in the city .... one in South Philly near the Italian Market and one near the Art Museum. There's usually a wait on the weekends, but believe me, the food is worth the wait!!

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      I second Sabrina's. I love thier food! Wish I could go too.

    2. I have always enjoyed Beau Monde - it is a creperie and at brunch you can choose any of their regular offerings plus they have some non-crepe offerings, The crepes are good because you can design your own from a list of available ingredients or choose a suggested combo. For brunch, I am partial to smoked trout and leeks. They also make a nice Bloody Mary and have very good bacon.

      1. Honey's Sit & Eat gets my vote. The atmosphere may be more 'homey' than you're looking for, but the food is excellent.

        1. I went to Loie (off Rittenhouse Sq.) for Saturday brunch a few weekends ago for my boyfriends' birthday. Don't know if you're a drinker, but if so this is definitely the place, and if not, the food was good too!

          Also, I don't know what you consider "moderate price" - we are students, so for us, this was it, but I suspect others may consider this on the lower end.

          Brunch comes with 2 courses and bottomless bloody marys OR mimosas OR a bottle of champagne per person for $25. You can also order a la carte, which runs 8-12 per dish.

          For the first course I got the garden salad and my boyfriend got the oatmeal. The salad was very basic (grrens, cuc, tomato) and overdressed, but the oatmeal was absolutely delicious, steel cut oats served with real maple syrup and fresh berries.

          For the second course, I got the omelette, which comes with a choice of 2 fillings from a selection of six or so, and my boyfriend got the eggs florentine. I chose forest mushrooms and goat cheese for my omelette, which came perfectly cooked and folded accompanied by brioche toast and skillet potatoes. The cheese was substantial without being overwhelming and the mushrooms were high quality.

          The eggs florentine came with bacon (we got the bacon on the side but I think it is usually incorporated in with the eggs). The presentation was a bit weird as everything is baked together in a ramekin, but it tasted rich and delicious.

          We opted for the bottle-of-champagne each, but we are lushes, and it was already past 2:00 when we arrived (brunch is served until 3). The champagne was sweet but not overwhelmingly so. The table next to us seemed to be enjoying their mimosas very much and the service was excellent.

          We ate outside at one of the sidewalk tables, but if you want something a but more intimate the inside is nice as well.