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Jun 21, 2009 06:34 AM

cafe du monde

Just got back from your great city. ate at galatoires,mandinas,emerils,fins,camelia grill,coffee pot(best bkf)

But!!!!! there is a difference between old and quaint and just plain dirty and run down.

Stood outside cafe du monde waiting for my girlfriend to finish shopping. t
That owner must net a 100k a week selling that menu.He could at least put a coat of paint on it and fix the rotted wood and paint those filthy cement pillars. And don't even want to mention the condition of the rest rooms.

Some one said Katrina was the best thing to happen to Mandina' and improved is better than old and run down.

Oh well, I'll still keep coming back.

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  1. I'm surprised... It is almost 200 years old, though. The French Market is owned by the city of New Orleans. Maybe they should knock the whole thing down and rebuild it new. so it looks like anywhere USA. LOL On there web site, their beignet's and coffee are $2 ea. So let's say your average person has one of ea. So by your estimate $$ that's 25,000+ people a week, 3600 people a day, 450 people an hour or 7 people a minute being served by two restrooms (I believe). No problem closing those bathroom's... Maybe that is what they should do, close the bathrooms. They do have the garden in the alley. Or lets close sections of the place to mop and sweep. Not trying to be smart, just very protective of my local New Orleans eateries, especially after Katrina. Hope your next experience in New Orleans is a good one...

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    1. re: NOLAJOE

      If they rely on the city the renovations will never be done. Too bad. More clean bathrooms would be nice but I don't expect CDM to spend the money. If I rented an apartment I would not be expected to do renovations for free.

      1. re: mrsfury

        If you've been to their bathrooms, you've seen the kitchen. I don't think they have anough room now. I would rather the table's and chairs, than a bigger bathroom. I was just being sarcastic about the knocking down thing. Good night...

        1. re: NOLAJOE

          I know you were being sarcastic NOLAJOE. I hope you did not take offense to anything I said.

    2. You want shiny 'n' new, come to NYC! The old NYC had too much texture, so we're razing anything that wasn't built five minutes ago, and replacing it with a chain store or "luxury" tower. (P.S. I'm THIS close to moving to New Orleans.)

      Your mention of Cafe du Monde reminds me that I stumbled across a nice recipe for calas today:

      Somewhere I read that The Coffee Pot (714 St. Peter) serves calas. Has anyone tried them?

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      1. re: BrooksNYC

        I made a special pilgrimage to the Coffee Pot for calas once. I found them to be just OK. Kind of like a beignet with rice inside, as I recall.

        I regret never having made it to the Calas Grill out in Kenner before they closed.

        1. Nope. Don't need to change a thing. If they keep churning out good beignets and good cafe au lait, they don't need to do anything else. Would it be nice? Sure, but I don't know many people that have problems with it now and renovation would be next to impossible (and the city has bigger fish to fry anyway).

          1. If just looking to experience to food and not the place itself, is there a difference between the original and Bourbon St location? I'll be visiting and my hotel is right near the Bourbon St location, so for a quick beignet and coffee, it would be much more convenient (however not worth it if its not the same).

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            1. re: Corporate_40

              There is no Bourbon Street location, unless that is something new.

              1. re: roro1831

                There are a bunch of stores that sell CDM canned coffee and beignet mix and hang a little sign out front with the official CDM font on it, so I can see how that can cause confusion. There's also some sort of cafe on Bourbon in a courtyard with a jazz statue in it. Not sure if that's what the poster meant and if they are presenting themselves as CDM-related. And finally Cafe Beignet is certainly making money off the tourists seeing it and saying "Honey, isn't that that Cafe whatever that everyone was telling us to try? Let's go in!"

                But just go to the original. It's a funny and wacky experience. I even got service with a smile the last time I was there!

                1. re: kukubura

                  Yea, I just did a Google maps seach and got a bunch of other locations. Realized my mistake afterwards. But you're right, I'll just take the extra time and go to the original.