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Jun 20, 2009 11:13 PM

Staying at BWI Westin

Have searched other posts, have a feel for my first time in area. Wondering how far to D.C.? Want to eat local specialties, would like to try Palmers or at least one upscale joint. Public transportation available to D.C.? Thanks in advance. From L.A. so avoiding Mexican, Asian...

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  1. There is NOTHING around your hotel, so yes you'll need to get away to B'more and/or DC. If you're relying on public transport then you have either the light rail or MARC (commuter) train to B'more, or the MARC train to DC. Only Amtrak trains on weekends.

    A few places for you to consider, all of which have been discussed pretty thoroughly on this board:

    - in Baltimore, right by the Woodberry light rail stop, is Woodberry Kitchen. Probably a 30 minute light rail trip (you'll need to transfer downtown). The Inner Harbor area downtown is mostly chains, but there are chow-worthy places in the adjoining Federal Hill and Harbor East neighborhoods.
    - In DC, within walking distance of Union Station, options abound. If you take the Amtrak or MARC express trains from the BWI station, DC is less than 30 minutes. Yes Charlie Palmer Steak is worth it, as are Bistro Bis and possibly Good Stuff Eatery for lunch. For some dives with DC flavor, drop by the Tune inn or Hawk&Dove on Capitol Hill.

    And in either city, you really should try Chesapeake crabs in season -- especially soft-shell crab.

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      Slight correction -- downtown B'more (and Woodberry Kitchen) is accessible from BWI by light rail on the weekends as well; the trains are probably every half hour.

      South to DC, it would be Amtrak only for now.

    2. If you are staying near the airport, and want local favorite, I highly recommend Timbuktu for crabcakes. Now, I know the title of best crabcake is up for much debate but it has some of the better crabcakes and is close to the airport. You could also try Olive Grove and G&M in Linthicum but I personally prefer Timbuktu - they are all very similiar. Wherever you go, remember, you are not there for the ambiance - just the food!

      1. Do you have a car? If you do--and I know you said no Asian-- you should really try Grace Garden, very close to Marshall BWI, and the subject of a very long thread here & loads of glowing reviews.

        A few months ago, I took two friends there from out of town who are originally from L.A. One of them is the daughter of Chinese parents, & she & husband have both traveled & eaten their way around China, and they couldn't stop raving about Grace Garden. In fact, and they live about 2 hour away from GG, & my Chinese-American friend from LA said that she was going to bring her mother there when she next visits....)