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spago or craft?

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hi. which has a better tasting menu? taking wife there for her birthday. any recommendations? thanks in advance!

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  1. Spago. Everyone loves Spago. There are many threads on Chowhound which discuss the Tasting Menu.(s)

    1. I've never been to Spago but I've been to Craft. But I think I can recommend Spago based on my less than stellar meal at Craft.

      1. A better tasting menu? I suppose it depends on your wife's taste in food.

        However, for a usually solid experience, bank on Spago.

        1. There's a new thread about Craft. Master Chef has left and they're waiting for another....GO TO SPAGO

          1. Been to both and both are good but I would choose Providence (chef's tasting) over both

            1. SPAGO SPAGO SPAGO. their vegetables right now are off the hook

              1. Spago.
                Solid and consistent.

                1. thanks all. i went with spago after hearing craft lost their chef. the food was good and even met mr. puck in the process which made the night all the more memorable for my wife. still prefer providence...

                  1. Spago Beverly Hills continues to be one of the best restaurants in America. The other locations - not so much.

                    1. Spago. Been to Craft twice. Meh. Craftsteak, yes, Craft, meh.

                      1. Haven't been to Craft yet, but can heartily recommend Spago.

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                          Absolutely Spago!!! I'm jealous ;->