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Jun 20, 2009 05:22 PM

Bizarre foods in South Florida?

Lately me and my wife have become increasingly bored with food. We have tried everything and every type of food we can find around here (Delray Beach area), but we are looking to expanded our taste buds. We always watch Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and talk about how we would love to try some of the unusual and taboo foods. But we cant really do the whole travel around the world thing to do that. So I was wanting to know if there are any restaurants that will serve up the odd for our eating pleasure. There has to be something in the West Palm to Miami span that stands out as different and a must try for the true foodie. So please help! Our stomachs are growling for some weird!

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  1. Here are a couple threads you may find of interest ->

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    1. Fancy curried goat? Try Bamboo Fire in Delray.

      1. I Have a good one for you!!
        The Coal Pot west indian Rum Shop on 441 in Davie. Ever tried Chicken foot soup? It's very good! Salted Fish on fried bread. Mr. Zimmern often features dishes from Trinidad. This place is an experince in itself. You will think you are in trinidad while eating there. Loud soca playing while gentlemen play cards and pool in a dimmly lit setting. If you are not from trinidad,,you will stick out like a sore thumb! Don't worry!! The owner is one of the nicest people I've met.
        This place is not for the froofy or faint hearted! But it does fit the bill for what you are looking for.

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          Sounds like there's a Garifuna influence there, from Belize & Honduras.
          I'm curious to learn whether the burmese pythons that have overrun the everglades have any gastronomical value.

        2. Marumi in Planation is one of the best sushi joints in Broward county and has real japanese food. The menu features a number of interesting items and the specials are very good. Not expensive and very good. Look for more reviews on this restaurant on chowhound.

          1. Singing Bamboo in WPB for authentic Chinese dishes like chickens feet, duck feet, tripe, and jellyfish. I *believe* they also offer intestines and sea cucumber. I have never ordered these items. You will not find these on the standard menu you are given, you will have to specifically ask for the Chinese menu which is written in both Chinese and English. You should also request their dum sum menu and just set their standard menu aside.


            Singing Bamboo Chinese Restaurant
            2845 N Military Trl West Ste A11, Palm Beach, FL

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              Never been there but Silver Pond on 441 between Commercial and Oakland in Lauderhill has similar interesting Chinese Food. I had the sea cucumber and thought it had the consistency and taste of a big chunk of cartilage....

              1. re: Raboi

                Sea cucumbers travel at a snails pace across wide open sand flats without a reason to hide or be fearful, because nothing in the oceans wants to eat them. But you thought 30,000 types of predators may be wrong? :) Poor little fella died in vain.

                1. re: Raboi

                  Sea Cucumber was just featured on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Z tonight! Too funny. It looked sooo nasty, of course he moaned and said it was devine.