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Jun 20, 2009 04:19 PM

South Street Steakhouse- New burger menu?

Just wanted to post an update for the South Street Steakhouse - usually not my choice for eats, but if in Freehold, w/o a craving for El Meson, we have tried it time to time. But now - we have reason to go back

The new burger menu - about ten burgers all made from a blend of ground beef and filet mignon, from a Roquefort burger to my personal fave, Chris's BBQ Burger, are THE BEST in the area. With struggling economic times, a 10-12 burger may seem hefty, but in comparison to the rest of the menu, and considering how good they are, I think it is worth it.

Note : The service has also improved...

Sorry for the quick post - On our way to Kanjii...

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  1. No mention of the burger menu on their website. Looks like the same menu from when they opened.

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    1. re: Bossa_Nova

      If you go out front, it lists the burgers. I know they are under new management, but the burger menu is definitely there and very good!

    2. filet mignon in a burger? that sounds pointless. tenderloin offers little flavor or fat, and once you grind it you lose its only redeeming quality, which is tenderness. sounds gimmicky to me, and gimmicks are suspect.

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      1. re: tommy

        ack. thats just as bad as "kobe" burgers.

        I made filet mignon burgers this weekend.....bought a whole tenderloin and after I butchered it for steaks, I tossed the scraps, skinny little muscle, in the grinder with some angus chuck!

      2. The new burger menu is also in the packet of ads that comes in the mail. Actually the entire menu is included.

        1. There are Eleven burgers to choose from.
          Each Burger is a 10oz Black Angus or Grilled Chicken or Portobello Mushroom
          Choice of cheese and toppings.
          Some choices are the Chili Cheese Burger - Asiago Avocado Burger -BBQ Burger - Blue Cheese Burger etc..
          They come with homemade potato chips - lettuce - tomato and cost 9-11.00
          The double burger is 14.00
          They can customize as needed
          Hope this helps.

          1. They had me at asiago avocado..I am a sucker..I know.
            Hubby and I spent over 100.00 on dinner this weekend. Save your money.
            This was the WORST burger ever, no taste at all.
            Hubby enjoyed his filet.
            For me, even the mozzerella and tomato salad was sad, the roasted peppers had a terrible acidic taste.
            The restaurant is so cozy, love the fabric pillows that lined the ceiling, the music in the background, and the host and service were wonderful. Just an FYI.