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Jun 20, 2009 03:26 PM

What's good at Ripe Tomato

Rudy's cooking tonight. What recomendations would you give me to order there? One of us will be having the Chilean sea bass but any recs would be appreciated. Thanks jeff

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  1. Reservations at seven this evening.

    1. The rock shrimp and brie appetizer is not to be missed.

      The sea bass was stellar on our last visit, I can't recall what else we ordered, iirc it all came of the specials of the day list. A friend that we often go with likes the duck, but I've never tried it.

      Couldn't locate a menu online, but usually have a hard time deciding between two or three of the daily specials. Be sure and report back.

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        Enjoyed a very relaxing evening and dinner at The Ripe Tomato restaurant last night. Was accompanied by a lovely lady and dear old friend from days of yore. Arrived for seven o'clock reservation and was seated immediately. We opted to be seated inside as there was a slight breeze and no one else seated on the patio. Patronage seemed low as there were only three or four other groups dinning. Our waiter was a nice fellow, quiet but seemingly well skilled with a remarkable sence of timing as we found out later. After being given the wine menu and not being very well versed in the selection of fine wines we opted for individual glasses, her choice being the Reisling and mine the Cabernet Savigion.We were both pleased. Ordered the Rock Shrimp Brie appetizer as recommended earlier and enjoyed. Mind you, we were busy catching up and reminiscing of times gone by and our current lives and activities and just enjoying each others company. We were never interupted or hurried by our waiter. We passed on the soups and got the green salads which were nicely prepared with a tasty vinegrette which I'm at a loss to recall the name of. My lovely lady friend selected the Chilean Sea Bass with a mango sauce and I got the Rack of Lamb. Both were good selections.Again I'm at a loss to recall what vegtables were served with her dinner but I think they were the same as mine which was diagonally sliced green beans and carrots. After sharing several bites of each others dishes I had to agree with my friend that the mango sauce on her bass filet was lacking in mango flavor but still quite good. My lamb rack was served deboned and artfully displayed on the plate. The lamb was tender and succulent. Decided against dessert to end the evening. The waiter's perfect timing really made for an extremely enjoyable evening! To cap it off we strolled around Fig Garden Village checking out some of the new additions. I haven't enjoyed myself so much in quite a while.

        1. re: Jeff Avis

          Well, Jeff, sounds as if you and the "lovely lady" should dine together again...soon.

          Nice choices, both. I saw your post too late. The carrots are cooked in orange juice. Thanks for the write-up. We usually go there for a nice loooong lunch.

          1. re: Gail

            Thank you Gail, couldn't have said it better myself!

      2. Thanks for the nice write-up Jeff. I am going to mention the address for this old faithful restaurant in Fig Garden so it makes the list when other hounds search the Fresno board. I almost forgot this place.

        5064 N Palm Ave
        Fresno, CA 93704-2201
        (559) 225-1850