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Jun 20, 2009 03:19 PM

Fish and Chips (Mont.Co.)

Let me add this wish to all of those who yearn for the return of Arthur Treacher's. Does anyone know of a place that serves decent fish and chips that are equal to or close to what Arthur Treacher's served up? The dismal offerings that I've found include thickly encrusted, dried-out fish and lackluster French fries.

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  1. My favorite fish and chips are at the Schanachie in Ambler. I never had Arthus Treacher's though so I'm not sure I'm not sure how they compare.

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      Thanks AmblerGirl for your response but I've had the fish and chips at Schanachie and wouldn't order them again. Very disappointing in my opinion. My view of good battered, deep fried haddock is that the batter should enhance (not dominate or offend) moist, flavorful fish. Somebody mentioned that the Irish Pub has good fish and chips. I'll give a case of bazooka bubble gum to anyone who can name such a restaurant.

      1. re: Enjoy Good Food

        Arthur Treacher's is still at the Franklin Mills Mall in Northeast Philadelphia.

    2. Thanks Gakski but Franklin Mills is opposite of my stomping grounds. If I'm ever in the vicinity, I would definitely stop at Arthur Treacher's in Franklin Mills, but my yen isn't so great that I'd travel 40 minutes out of my way for it. I'm thinking that a smart business man could be an instant success if he opened a decent seafood-primarily restaurant in Montgomery County. The best that we have is Red Lobster and Legal Seafoods.

      1. Henry's Cafe in Pottstown does a great fish and chips.Lightly battered cod and thick cut fries.

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          Kildares in KOP has good fish n chips.

        2. We too have been searching for really fresh fish and chips in Montco. With the emphasis on fresh, ocean sweetness. (husband is used to fish straight from the docks.) That being said, we have found really excellent fried flounder in Delaware County @ the West Gate Pub on West Chester Pike in Havertown. Sadly, know of nothing that compares around here.

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            Not in Montco, but Elephant & Castle, in the Crown Plaza at 18th & Market (Center City) has pretty good F&Cs. If you feel like a jaunt, you can take SEPTA Regional Rail to Suburban Station & come up at 18th & Market.

          2. Not sure where in Montco you are but there is an Authur Treachers at Philadelphia Outlet Mall in Limerick!

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              Thanks, SHELLBELLC. A trip to Limerick is a possibility for me since I travel to Bey's Rock Shop (minerals, fossils, etc.) every so often. I always treat myself to lunch coming or going and I'll make sure it's at Arthur Treacher's next time!