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Jun 20, 2009 03:03 PM

Lobster Rolls & Hot Lobster Sandwiches

I'm heading to PEI and then down to Halifax, Lunenburg, New Germany, and the immediate surrounding areas... and am in critical search of either a divine lobster roll or a hot lobster sandwich.

I was in Yarmouth a few years ago and sadly will not be making my way that far south (west?) this year. While there, however, I fell in love with this dive called "The Quick & Tasty" that had the best freaking lobster roll and a house dish that I can only think to describe as a hot lobster sandwich. It consisted of lobster slightly shredded, mixed with butter and cream, and then ladled over a 2 stacked slices of wonderbread. It was amazingly delicious (even though visually it looked disgusting).

I am hopeful that someone on here knows of a similar humble lobster restaurant where I can indulge without going all the way to Yarmouth again. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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  1. I love the lobster rolls (and basically everything else) at Fredie's Fantastic Fish House on Oland Ct. in Bayers Lake. The surroundings are totally uninspiring, but the sandwich is loaded with lobster, and very lightly dressed. I haven't had one in a while, but I don't think they use toasted topsplit buns, which I prefer, just regular hotdog buns. The lobster is so fresh and delicious, I barely notice though.

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      I had the lobster roll at Fredie's today. They do use a top-split bun (thumbs up!) but sadly, it wasn't toasted and buttered (thumbs down!). That last step was all that it lacked, because otherwise it was incredible. A leaf of butter lettuce, then what must have been a half-pound of lobster meat and just a hint of mayo. I would have given it a trace of salt and pepper, and the buttered toasted bun would have made it perfect, but even lacking that it was fabulous, as it should be for $13.50. But worth it, and the people there are great.

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        aha! I knew it was something about the bun. I agree, toasting is essential. I'll bet they'd do it if we asked. They are very, very nice.

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          Great to know. Will for sure hit up.

    2. Well if you're driving, and heading past Amherst, NS, you could always check out Duncan's Pub, they have the creamed lobster on toast dish. Have never had it, so I can't attest to what it tastes like, have only ever had this dish home-made.

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        Interesting, very intersting. I shall be the guinea pig.

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          BTW, if you're inclined to head down the Amherst Shore from to Truro (from which is where you would head to Halifax from PEI anyway, unless you're taking the ferry), there are lots of nice little finds down there. (if eating at Duncan's all you'd have to do is exit the front doors, and look to your right, keep driving !!) Particular to lobster, there is a little place on the water in Wallace called McMahon's (I think), that has REALLY good lobster chowder. Wallace is also not too far from Jost Vinyards, which i'd also recommend you stop by!

          The Train Station Inn Dining car is also a fun experience, and if they have it, i'd highly recommend the coconut cake. . Tatamagouche also has a nice chowder house.

          Jost also sometimes carries local cheeses, as does the Masstown Market, just outside of Truro, particularly ones from here:

          I recommend "The Dragon's Breath" ! You can also pick it up, along with others, at the Halifax farmers market.

      2. I know you are not going all the way to Yarmouth, but shoudl you ever do so in the future, try the Windlass out on the Chebogue road. I haven't been there in a few years but I recall hot lobster sandwiches that my local relatives took me to try. They were marvelous!

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          Ah, thanks for yet another hot spot in Yarmouth. It's making me consider heading all the way west.