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Jun 20, 2009 02:50 PM

birthday cake for discerning adults

Now that Payard is out of the picture, I search for a patisserie that bakes refined, delicious cakes that would be center stage for a 65th birthday!

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  1. I love Financier's sophisticated, wonderful cakes. Don't know if they make "big" ones.

    1. you might also want to ask around for feedback about Bouchon (not sure if they do cakes) and Balthazar (my mom loves their flourless chocolate torte).

      1. Bouchon made a killer cinnamon coffee cake for us. They delivered it warm and right out of the over. Absolutely fantastic

        1. Why is Payard now out of the question? Has something happened to it?

          1. Why is Payard out of the picture? I was there for coffee a week ago.