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Jun 20, 2009 01:38 PM

Family Friendly Recs for Schaumberg

Next week me and my family (grandparents and my two little boys ages 2 and 5) will be in Schaumberg for a family reunion of sorts. We are looking for a good rec for Friday night with the whole family. We are somewhat cost concious, but all kids, etc. have good palates and eat a wide range of foods with no dietary restrictions. A killer pizza or italian place would be great, but we are totally open for other recs. Also, is there a great Chicago-style dog house in the area for lunch the next day? Or a great sandwich place? Big thanks for the help from a Southwest c-hounder from Scottsdale, AZ.

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  1. A good bet in Schamburg would be Maggiano's....good family style Italian. It is in Woodfield Mall. You can easily search it online.

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      Thanks for the rec. We have one near us in AZ. Its ok, not a place we go to or one that I would recommend. I've been to the original and always liked it, so it the one near us may be not as good due to being part of a growing chain.

    2. i second maggiano. my other rec would be lou malnati's pizzeria. it's on the intersection of schaumburg and roselle, and it's famous for its deep dish pizza. for chicago dog, there's a portillo's in rolling meadows. that's the one i used to go. there might be a closer one to schaumburg. check their website.

      1. For an excellent hot dog experience, I'd suggest Frankly Yours on Algonquin Road between Meacham and Route 53. It's at a light (I don't remember the name of the street) across from a Mobile station. Yes, I do love my Portillo's, but I think this place beats them hands down.

        For pizza, Lou Malnati's is good - there's also Uno at Golf and Meacham, and there's a Gino's East at Golf and Algonquin.

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          Thank you. It looks like both places are located near our hotel. We are staying at the Residence Inn on McConnor Parkway. The mall looks close too and we are planning a trip to Legoland (yippee!).