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Jun 20, 2009 12:11 PM

June & Ho in Rye

Everything on display looks so good. Any recommendations?

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  1. If it's in season, the soft shell crab sandwich special! I also love their fresh corn salad.

    1. Never hurts to try something for yourself-Tastes are kind of personal as we all know and have seen all too often here ;>D

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      1. re: Jon1856

        Since we have so many choices particularly at a place like june & ho that serves an extraordinary array, IMHO it seems better to draw on the prior experiences of those on this board to help narrow the choices.

      2. Yes. Bring lots of money as they are quite possibly the most expensive food store I have ever seen anywhere in Westchester/Fairfield.

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        1. re: BAFU

          have you tried iron tomat (in white plains) or balducci's in scarsdale.?. june and ho has good food as does iron tomato, but (naturally) balducci's which is close to me, i do not care for their food,or prices

          1. re: rich51

            Yes been to I/T & Balducci's and their prices are also insane. I "like" June & Ho...and yes they have great stuff...but come on. Their prices are just incredible. Balducci's is possibly the only other store I have found to be just as crazy as J&H.

            The food looks great, smells great and is presented just pay 50% more than the going rate for it.

        2. In addition to the food don't miss the coffee.

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          1. re: chowdom

            They make amazingly good baguettes. Really, really good.

            1. re: marcia2

              Seriously doubt it. More likely a delivery from Tom Cat Bakery or (perhaps) Salzburg across the street makes them.

              1. re: BAFU

                fairly certain that J&H does their own baking.

                1. re: elizabean

                  They do do some of their own baking, but I know they also get some of their baked goods from outside bakeries. I have been going to June and Ho since 1994 and absolutely love them. They used to have a salad bar which I ate from almost everyday for at least a year and I totally miss that. But they do still offer some of my faves from said sb.: beet salad, lentil salad, corn salad, sesame noodles, to name a few. They also make a great Nicoise salad. Wow, I really said the word salad a lot. Their soups and sandwiches are also good and their produce is immaculate albeit super pricey. Sample and enjoy!

                2. re: BAFU

                  I've had the baguettes from Salzburg across the street and while I love their pastries, their baguettes were nowhere near as good as June & Ho. Also, I've been to J&H wanting a baguette, been told they were out but making more and come back a little later, often to a line of people waiting and chatting about how amazing the baguettes are and how no one else in the area makes ones that are as good, and picked up a couple of warm ones. So, either they're setting up some elaborate, delivered baguette warming deception or they do, indeed, bake their own. Any particular reason you find it unlikely?

                  1. re: BAFU

                    They make their own bread upstairs in a very impressive imported bread oven. Ask June about it the next time you see her.

                    Also, I highly recommend the fresh corn salad and the tuna nicoise.