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Philadelphia bachelorette dinner for a picky vegan

foodftw Jun 20, 2009 12:08 PM

This is kind of a tough one. I have a very close friend who is getting married, and of course the other bridesmaids and I are throwing her a bachelorette party. The plan is dinner for 10-15 girls, followed by burlesque at World Cafe Live in university city. I'm the big foodie of the group, so its fallen to me to pick the restaurant. About the bride: she's very picky, vegan, and loves Fridays, Applebee's, and diners. I'm ideally looking for a place with very well done simple food. I would really like to find a nicer restaurant, tapas might be good, and spend $40-$60 per person, factoring in one drink. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

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    Philly Ray RE: foodftw Jun 20, 2009 12:51 PM

    For Mexican influenced tapas, you can hit Distrito on 40th and Chestnut and still be close to World Cafe Live.


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      condekedar RE: foodftw Jun 20, 2009 02:24 PM

      Not tough at all! The best vegan restaurant in Philadelphia is Horizons (611 S. 7th St). Make sure to make reservations in advance. The food is top-notch gourmet and more on the expensive side. As a vegan myself, it's actually the most sophisticated and delicious food I've ever tasted (vegan or otherwise). http://www.vegguide.org/entry/1496

      If your friend likes Fridays and Applebee's, it doesn't sound like she's vegan, as those places don't have anything vegan. Do you mean lacto-ovo vegetarian?

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        barryg RE: condekedar Jun 21, 2009 10:54 PM

        Seconding Horizons. Besides being the premier vegan eatery in the city, the atmosphere and service are on-par with the better places in town. And, they have a full bar.

        And, yeah, what does she order at Fridays??

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          foodftw RE: barryg Jun 27, 2009 09:56 AM

          She orders fries, pasta (theirs is apparently egg-and taste- free), potatoes.. basically lots of carbs, and their veggie burger. She's not an incredibly strict vegan, I'm sure those chains use their deep fryers for chicken wings and french fries. I will check out Horizons though, it looks like a great option!

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        condekedar RE: foodftw Jun 20, 2009 02:28 PM

        Two other good options:

        Mi Lah Vegetarian, 218 S. 16th St (http://www.vegguide.org/entry/7167


        The Black Olive, 24 E. Mount Airy Avenue (http://www.vegguide.org/entry/8204)

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          mazza3 RE: foodftw Jun 22, 2009 07:44 AM

          a vegan loves friday's and appleby's? i think we all want to know how that's possible!

          if she is that picky of an eater, i wouldn't go to horizon's since it might be too much for her. it is all vegan though, and meat-eaters love it too, but it might be too much. distrito is a good idea, and close, though not sure if there will be many vegan things on the menu. check it out on philadelphia.menupages.com mi lah is also a good idea....

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            TeamPhilly RE: foodftw Jun 24, 2009 07:00 PM

            A picky vegan who likes lousy chain restaurants. I do not envy you. It sounds like you should not go overboard to find anything good since she likely will not appreciate it. Good luck.

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              AgentRed RE: TeamPhilly Jan 26, 2010 05:27 PM


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              urbanfabric RE: foodftw Jun 25, 2009 01:23 PM

              There was a recent change of kitchen staff at the White Dog Cafe, and I haven't heard reports... but, I could definitely see them accommodating a vegan with some uncomplicated food.

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                cheesecake17 RE: foodftw Jan 25, 2010 11:19 AM

                I know it's about 6 months later... but where did you end up going?

                Deciding between Black Olive and Horizons for dinner this Saturday night.

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                  lauracohenromano RE: cheesecake17 Jan 25, 2010 05:37 PM

                  I've never been to Black Olive but the one time we ate at Horizons, it was absolutely fabulous.

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                    cheesecake17 RE: lauracohenromano Jan 26, 2010 07:47 AM

                    Thanks! Is it similar to Candle 79 in NY?

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