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Jun 20, 2009 11:34 AM

Beach Rib-Fest

For those who were thinking of going but hate crowds and long lineups, GO NOW! The weather (and maybe lack of promotion) has kept the crowds away. It took us a grand total of 10 minutes to place our order, get our food, and grab a table in the beer tent.

Today we tried Camp 31. I had the ribs and my friend had the pulled pork sandwich, with baked beans and coleslaw. We both loved the tangy baked beans and I loved the ribs (and will continue to enjoy them throughout the week -- my portion was huge.) My friend was impressed by the generous portion of pulled pork, but she found it not vinegary enough for her taste. She allows that it may be that she's not fond of this regional variation. I didn't try the pulled pork myself, as I was already full from the ribs. There was nothing memorable about the very ordinary creamy-style coleslaw. I wish that I had skipped it and left room to try the pulled pork.

I'll be back tomorrow to try out Buster Rhino's or Uncle Sam's.

Location: Woodbine Park, Toronto

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  1. I didn't notice your post before I posted mine on Camp 31 a minute ago - I had a decidedly different experience. I can agree the beans were good though :)

    1. Wow, "lack of promotion" is right. I've been longing for a decent and easily TTC-accessible ribfest for years, and now that one finally happens, I find out about it halfway through the weekend, and with other plans already made.

      It would probably help if their website, which I just found via Google, actually worked:

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      1. re: gregclow

        I was aware of the event, and even saw a post yesterday saying it was sparsely attended due to rain.
        I still did not go because in my mind I would have to contend with traffic and parking on Queen St near Woodbine. If it is closer to Coxwell then the parking situation improves.
        Maybe someone can establish a link, with a map or parking suggestions. I really don't know where it is..

        1. re: jayt90

          It is between Eastern and Lakeshore just south from the Alliance Atlantis Theater. There is parking right off of Eastern. It was dead yesterday and therefore easy for parking. Don't know what today will be like.

          You can find a map of the area -
          Either that or do a google search for Woodbine Park.

          The area doesn't show as a park on google maps oddly enough...

          Suggestion is (if it is available) park in the theater lot. They are charging $10 for regular parking but the Alliance lot (machine pay) is only $2. not sure why there is SUCH a difference!!!

          1. re: Otonabee

            +1 for the parking tip - quite a racket they're running there, making it look like you have to pay the ten bucks to drive past them. I guess they were hoping the Alliance lot would fill up?

            While we're here, thoughts on the ribs? I give Camp 31 top marks of the three on that side - very tender and a nice sauce. Uncle Sam's was a bit chewier, but I liked the crunch of the caramelized sauce. Buster Rhino's tasted the porkiest, but was almost as tender as Camp 31 - and it was pretty dry, in contrast with the others.

            1. re: JimmyE

              I thought it was pretty ballsy. We were lucky in that the DH had a free parking pass since he is an Alliance Atlantis member. Glad it came in useful.

      2. Bah! I too have been complaining that all the rib fests have moved to the burbs and have been inaccessible without a car for the last few years. But this is the first I ever heard of this one, and it's pretty much over. Shame about the poor promotion... I would have been there for sure.

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        1. re: Gary

          Unbelievably poor promotion. I live within more-or-less walking distance or very quick drive but heard absolutely nothing about it until the posting here. Then their website didn't work. Too bad.

          1. re: embee

            Same here, live in the area, had no idea until I was driving past. And whoever maintains the list here: (which is my current method of tracking these) didn't know of it either.

            1. re: embee

              Hey embee, I know the company that was running it and they did everything they had time to promote the event. It was thrown together in less than 8 weeks (which is very fast for an event like that) they sent out 35,000 mailers to the area. The website being down was a crappy problem to have.

              the event was for Camp Bucko that the Toronto Firefighters have put together every year for Burn victims. They will have way more time next year to organize though (start in September).

          2. Hello Rib Fans! just a quick FYI this event happens every Father's Day weekend annually! it will be three days this year as well! Live music all weekend - Friday - Rock the Grill, Saturday - BBQ and Blues, Sunday Ribs and Reggae and of course outstanding BBQ all weekend long!

            This is event is also host to the Canadian Open BBQ Championships and is looking for judges! You can find out more about becoming at judge at and yes the website is working!

            Should be a great weekend!

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            1. re: Cos

              I was excited to see it is happening again.

              The website appears to actually be -

              1. re: Otonabee

                Last year I just happened to be checking out my ribfest calender and noticed this event much to my surprise. The year before it wasn't on my ribfest calender at all. Last year, they added on at the last minute. Here is my ribfest calender:


                (Right now it's blank, they will update it a little closer to June


                You'll also notice that the beach one is absent on list under the actual calender. That was the same last year and then I just happen to check it for some reason all of a sudden the beach one was on it.