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Jun 20, 2009 11:08 AM

Sausalito Bakery & Cafe - way better then it needs to be

I can't find any mention of Sausalito Bakery & Cafe here, and that's too bad. It's right at the southern end of the "tourist area" shops in Sausalito, across Bridgeway from Horizons. I've been going there infrequently for a long time and lately somewhat regularly on Saturday mornings for their Frittata. Everything I've had there has been quite good, many times just about the best that item could be. For example, their version of Frittata is lighter than most, with very good seasoning including a hint of hot peppers. It's served warm (microwaved) with a few small slices of baguette, and it's now one of my favorite things to eat. Also, the owners and staff are unfailingly friendly and gracious. With that location, it could easily be just another tourist-type place of questionable quality, but it's way better than that. If you're browsing the Sausalito shops, it's a great very casual place for some good food.

Sausalito Bakery & Cafe
571 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965

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  1. I agree! I had a simple chicken caesar sandwich there and it was surprisingly delicious. An extremely generous portion, too.

    1. Thanks for the tip - I lived in Sausalito for 3 yrs and never had a good reason to go to that end of the street unless I was squiring friends from out of town.

      1. I had a slammin egg-cheese-croissant sandwich that was tasty, filling, decadent and a steal for the price. All the savory sandwiches and salads looked super good too. Also tried some blueberry-topped bread pudding that had a wonderful consistency-custardy and rich without being soggy, even if the cinnamon/warm spice flavoring didn't match the blueberry imho. agreed! i'd def. go back.

        1. I thought I'd update this thread 2 1/2 years later. I stopped in this morning for a late breakfast/early lunch and it was as good as ever. The large serving of frititta, heated, was probably the best fritatta I've ever had. It changes as different vegetables are available, but is always excellent. The other food looks great, but I almost never get past the fritatta. This is a quality place with very fair prices right on "tourist row".

          A few photos:

          1. Another update a year after the last one. More great frittata, this time with focaccia instead of slices of baguette and of course with somewhat different vegetables because he changes it often. And another beautiful display platter of vegetables. Another table was being served their breakfast and everything looked great. The quality never seems to slip in this place. If you're ever near Sausalito and want a very good casual breakfast or lunch, check this place out.


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