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Jun 20, 2009 11:07 AM

Reservations for Taranta Friday 6/26- what should we order?

It's been a while since my boyfriend and I have been out on a proper date and I've decided that for next friday, the last day of his co-op, I would take him out for a little celebration. I've decided on Taranta because it has been on my list for a very long time and personally I'm intrigued with the concept of Peruvian-Italian fusion..... so yea, I'm not sure what I should order at this restaurant. Hounds, from your experiences here could you tell what was good or bad, what I need to order or to avoid at all costs? Thank you all so much!

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  1. You needn't avoid anything. Have you searched for Taranta yet? B/c this has come up a few times over the years and since the menu doesn't change much you're likely to get the same answers: the yuca gnocchi with lamb; the tuna with rocoto pepper sauce; the pork chop with sugar cane glaze; the pan-roasted mussels...Also, pasta specials are often wonderful.

    Of course any time this subject comes up I have the opportunity to mourn once again the loss of some of the dishes he had on one of his earliest menus: a, the spaghetti with sea urchin and bottarga; b, the chocolate eggplant. Memorable after all these years (8, I think)?

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      Filet en costra de Cafe Espresso (espresso crusted filet mignon) is a wonderful dish. I also love the Fusilli Avellinesi al cartoccio (Artisan made fusilli from Campania, baked in parchment paper with a sauce of onions, pancetta Abruzzese, roasted tomatoes and smoked sweet peppers.)

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        In all my meals there, I never did try that filet. Always meant to. Next time I'm in town...

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        I second the pork chop with sugarcane glaze. If I recall, it comes with those giant kernels of Peruvian corn. Make sure to try something with those.

      3. Another vote for the pork chop. Also, I really enjoyed the macademia encrusted salmon with the risotto cake when I was there. Have a wonderful date!

        1. I'd avoid their martinis though. Their specialty cocktails are overly sweet and not a good complement to their food...

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            They don't have a full liquor license, do they? Which means they're automatically using flavored vodkas. So that's not a surprise.

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              Perhaps that's the reason. I went there a few summers ago and IMO the food was pretty unremarkable but what stood out unfortunately were the really bad cocktails that my table was served.

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                okay no cocktails...i'm not a huge fan anyway. ill stick to some wine or maybe a beer.

                1. re: Snoop37

                  It generally has a select but interesting wine list, esp. when it comes to Southern Italian wines.

          2. Their Mussels appetizer and their Shrimp served with Broccoli Rabe and Crostini are both really nicely done. Great plays on flavors and textures. Very memorable...

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              Mussels in marsala reduction is my favorite Boston mussells dish. My wife had a risotto off of the specials menu once that made me understand what risotto should be, and why people like it so much.

            2. I was there a couple of weeks ago. Definitely get the mussels for an appetizer. I had the grilled trout--don't remember if it was a special that night, but it was wonderful. DCs had the tuna and the salmon--everyone was more than satisfied. Enjoy!

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                Ive also had the grilled trout and that it was delicious as well. It was a year ago that I had it though so I didnt want to praise it too loudly-glad it is still a good dish :-)