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Jun 20, 2009 10:41 AM

what happened to fried dumpling on allen street

i went by about 2 weeks ago and they were closed. do they have limited hours, only open for dinner, or are they not open certain days of the week?

thanks so much.

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  1. If I recall, there were threads queries similar to yours stating the doors were shut as far back as last summer.....Prosperity is in the area I believe for an alternative option for you.

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    1. re: fourunder

      sad. ok, i'll check prosperity out. i did do a search but it was a little challenging to find "fried dumpling" and i did not hunt all the way back to last june. thanks so much.

      1. re: cherrypatter

        Don't get me started.
        I LOVED 99 Allen St Fried Dumplings.


      I actually preferred Vanessa's dumplings two blocks away on Eldridge.

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      1. re: shane

        To the untrained eye/palate, Vanessa's dumplings might seem better. However, if you watch them prepare the dumplings, you'll see that they use way too much oil, and the dumplings themselves have a much thicker skin than 99 Allen Street dumplings. The properly constructed fried dumpling (guo tieh) has a thin, almost translucent skin with a delicately crispy bottom, to reflect the correct method of cooking them (i.e., fry-steam method). Furthermore, the traditional shape for guo-tieh is oblong, more like a hot dog, rather than a miniature, overstuffed empanada. Vanessa's has lots of good stuff, but I believe their fried dumplings are inferior to those of 99 Allen Street (now of 40-04 Union Street in Flushing). I too lament the move to Flushing as it will now take me longer commute to get my dumpling fix. boo-hoo.

      2. They reopen in Queens 2 weeks ago.

        Fried Dumpling Shan Dong
        40-04 Union St, Flushing NY 11354