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Jun 20, 2009 10:32 AM

Calpurnia in Carroll Gardens

I haven't seen any mentions of this place here yet, which surprised me. It opened in May, I believe, and is located on the corner of Court and 1st place. It looks unbelievably stuffy from the outside -- thick lace curtains and what looks like a red velvet interior and heavy antique furniture.

No idea what kind of food or drink they serve. No menu that I could see was posted.

Has anybody here been? What do they have? Is it worth a visit?

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  1. I stopped in with some friends that live in the neighborhood who affectionately call it 'Weirdo Wine Bar. Very Italian American. Semi- cheesy. If there were to be a 'wine bar decor store' in a strip mall out on Long Island, this is where Calpurnia went to buy their supplies (doilies, red candles, red damask cloths for the tables etc). They have a fair selection of inexpensive bottles of wine you can get at Scotto's down the street. We had a slice of cheesecake which was pretty tasty and when we asked where it was from (we saw the bartender take it out of the box) overheard the owner tell the bartender "not to tell us". Umm OK lady. It was probably from Caputo's. Overall, a bit odd...but might be OK if you want to stop in for a glass of wine alone and read a book and have a small snack.