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Jun 20, 2009 10:02 AM

making dark pans work

the springform kaiser pan is nonstick and black. i'm baking a cake and i want to prevent burning or getting a dark crust around the circumference. any tips? will my cake remain tender if i use cake strips and drop the baking temperature down by 25 degrees?

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  1. I LOVE my springform Kaiser La Forme so much.......that thing is awesome, and I'm hooked on La Forme.

    I usually drop the temp by 25 degrees, but really, just watch the cake, drop it another 25 degrees if it starts to to brown too early.

    I take it you aren't an experienced baker?

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      yes i'm new to baking and i've already developed a bias towards certain cake pans

    2. I've had endless problems with dark pans with different ovens. I've tried lowering the oven temp and that did not work for me. Maybe just my bad luck?

      I've given away quite an expensive collection of fancy dark nonstick pans (I kept hoping them would work) and now use just light heavy guage aluminum pans. I never have any problem with sticking -- just use parchment and grease and flour well.

      1. I also use only light pans - the WS commercial quality pans in fact and I have great results with those, although I am sure there are lots of options out there. I gave up dark pans long ago as I find its just not worth messing around with temps and times to try to accomodate the dark pans.