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Jacobs and Co.

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Went to Jacobs and company Steak house on Brant last night for a friends birthday and was pleasantly surprised..

There were 9 of us (5 women & 4 men) and we were sat in a private room in the back. Most of the guests showed up an hour late for the reservation and there was never any attitude or questioning from the staff. We were treated like VIPs all night (we were that last to leave at about 12:30... Decor of the restaurant is upscale classic steakhouse with a bit of a modern twist.

Most of us decided to do the dinner family style and just ordered 5 different steaks to share with the others ordering their own dishes. We started with Shrimp Cocktail (beautiful large shrimp, a tasty mixed salad with blue cheese and candied walnuts, wagu capriccio, steak tart are and prosciutto. This was followed by a striploin, large t-bone, rib steak and Wagu bavette plus a couple of tenderloins. All were left to the chef to determine the degree of cooking.. . Sides included duck fat fried fries, broccoli, asparagus, and fried tomatoes. They also provided three fancy salts and three sauces including chimicurra.

Everything was excellent and tasting all those meats together really highlights the taste and texture differences.. I think the Wagu Bavette was the most popular...

I was stuffed and did not have any but we also had most of the dessert menu which all the chocolate lovers seemed to enjoy..

All of that with two bottles of wine, 1 bottle of sparkling several cocktails and beer and some shots came in at $900 (with no automatic tip added!) which was a surprising (good) shock for everyone in attendance (both the low total and that they did no autograt).

All in all everyone would return.. I really want to try the bone in 32 oz ribeye..

One strange thing was that 2/3 of the menus at the table did not have prices listed for the apps & sides yet the other menus did .. and there was no rhyme or reason who got which..

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  1. I had the Wagu Bavette on my first visit to Jacobs & Co. back in January and it was by far the best steak I have ever had...sublime.

    1. We took some friends who are visiting to dinner at Jacobs and Co last night and I must say it was one of the best dining experiences I've had. There were 4 adults and my pre-teen son (who eats like an adult!) and we decided to do it family style as well. We had a tenderloin, a striploin, a rib-eye and the flatiron wagyu. We started with 2 cesar salads, which were excellent and done table side. The steaks were sliced before they were brought to out table so we were able to compare each cut. Every single steak was excellent! We had duck fat fries and mushrooms on the side. With a bottle of Malbec, tax and tip, our bill came out to $470. No dessert since we were doing that at home.

      I've tried Ruth's Chris, Harbour 60 and Barberians and so far, Jacobs has become my new hands down favorite!

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        I would agree that Jacob & Co. is a nice spot for GOOOD steak.. Restaurant is very elegant yet cozy @ the same time... well.. more cozy than elegant. And yes.. the duck fat fries are to DIE FOR!!! SOOOOO GOOD!! =D