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Jun 20, 2009 09:34 AM

Indian in East Ham

Thursday afternoon I went to lunch at Thattukada. It was excellent, but being on my own I couldn't sample too much, so I went with the lunch special "meal" which came with a curry of choice (I had fish), a plate of vegetarian sides, dal and raita, with rice and pappadum. Perhaps the most interesting side was made of mashed cassava, which I've never had before in an Indian restaurant. Today the waiter at Rasa (original location) told me it's his favorite Keralan place.

Anyway, as I was walking around I saw a number of non-veg places that advertised themselves as South Indian and Sri Lankan--so, are they all Tamil or are there Sinhalese out there too? Has anybody tried any of those? And there's at least one place that bills itself specifically as a Chetinaad restaurant, which is the great Tamil non-veg cuisine. Besides Thattukada and Hyderabadi Spice are most places out there Tamil? I also saw some Masjids, so there are Musilims in the neighborhood, but I don't know how that relates to the restaurant scene.

All of this won't help me much since I'm leaving London tomorrow, but I'm curious.

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  1. The area is very mixed and it has to my knowledge...

    A bunch of Tamil non-veg places (both Sri Lankan and Indian Tamil), at least two excellent Pakistani places, an Hyderabadi one, a Gujarati place, etc. It's not a clean cut ethnic thing like Whitechapel is with Bangladeshis. It's a veeeery mixed South Asian area.

    Glad you enjoyed Thattukada. Sorry I was out of town.

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      Are there any non tamil Srilankan places in London ?

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        Have you tried any of these other places? I have been to Thattukada twice now and it is one of my favourite London eating experiences....

        the appams are to die for