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Jun 20, 2009 09:25 AM

Looking for an unpretentious yet delicious dining experience

My parents are coming to visit me in July, and I'm trying to find some good restaurants to take them to. Nothing too upscale or pretentious, but a place with great atmosphere and excellent food nonetheless. I'm looking for anything in the $15-$20 per entree range, the $20-$25 per entree range and the $25-$30 per entree range. Any advice or favorites would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Pretentious is arguable, but I would suggest Peasant in Nolita.

    1. What cuisines to you and your parents prefer? Any avoids? Also, any particularly neighborhood(s)?

      1. Here are some of my favorite casual places, covering various cuisines and locations. you can google them and check their websites for menus and prices:

        10 Downing
        Locanda Verde
        Snack Taverna
        Chow Bar

        1. Clinton St. Baking Company is famous for their pancakes and brunch. The restaurant is nice but I have heard it is absolutely mobbed for brunch. I was just their for dinner and the pancakes (available on the dinner menu) were amazing, but everything else coming out of the kitchen looked great as well. I think most of the entrees were in the 15-20 range (pancakes were $13, huge portion).