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What is your Favorite Breakfast Sandwich?

As I sit here digging into my delicious bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel, I can't help but wonder what the rest of you Chowhounds enjoy as a breakfast sandwich.

If I had to declare a favorite I think it would be Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese on a hard roll - or maybe a Monte Cristo - or possibly this concoction that my girlfriend makes with eggs (cooked in a rosemary oil), spinach, and colby jack served on sourdough.

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  1. I love a good egg and cheese on a bagel. Nussbaum and Wu in Morningside Heights, Manhattan makes my perfect version-- the eggs are cooked so that it's like a really thin omelette folded over and a over, the cheese is extremely gooey and artificial, and the bagel is chewy and just slightly toasted.

    No other food makes me happier!

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      There's something about that thin omlette style of eggs on the sandwich. There's a local place here that then wraps the cheese and chopped up bacon inside the "omlette". Perfectly portable.

      1. re: qwertyu

        Yep, me too. Occasionally I prefer an English muffin, but the basic egg and cheese on a bagel, with a strong cup of black coffee on the side, is morning perfection.

      2. Bagel with cream cheese, bacon and avocado.

        1. For me, probably a BLT. Heh, Reggie, I grew up on the Jersey shore and remember the Taylor ham & cheese (cheddar for me) on hard roll. Funny thing, I tried it again a few years ago and thought to myself: Why did I like this so much? Didn't do much for me as a 'grown-up.' Our tastes do change, it seems.

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          1. re: Val

            It's definitely more for nostalgia than the actual eating eating experience.

          2. Corned beef hash, egg and cheese (Swiss or cheddar) on a homemade hard roll at O'Rourke's Diner in Middletown, CT.

            Or for the occasional trashy treat, the sausage and cheese McGriddle at Mickey D's.

            At home, I love making cheesy eggs (cheddar) on a grilled croissant with sausage, but I make them very rarely--only because it's not exactly health food.

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              There's something about the McGriddle that does not do it for me. I think it's the fake syrup "candy" in the pancakes, but I know people who love them. If I get the urge for a Mickey D's breakfast, I get the sausage biscuit and then top it off with grape jelly.

              1. re: ReggieL.

                HA HA...the "candy" is small enough for me that I know it's there and just enjoy the artificial maple "flavor" in all its glory. Oddly enough, I always eat real VT maple syrup at home. Here's a confession for you: I have been known to lick out those little individual squares of grape jelly solo when no one is looking. Shhhh, don't tell.

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                  I grew up on the fake syrup so I don't have any problems there, it's just something about it in it's fake candy form when combined with the other ingredients.

                  As far as the grape jelly goes - that's awesome. lol

            2. Mickey D's-Sausage egg McMuffin with a ton of pepper on it.

              Homemade- cheddar or queso fresco quesadilla with cilantro, chiles, and a fried egg. In fact,. I think I'll go make one right now. Thanks for the suggestion!

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              1. re: EWSflash

                Do you put the egg in the quesadilla or on top?

                1. re: ReggieL.

                  Inside. Fry it up first to your preference, then I let it sit perched on a spatula while you heat up the tortilla, then put the cheese on it until it's about melted, add the chiles, cilantro, and egg and put a little more cheese on top and fold over (or slap another griddled tortilla on top)
                  You can actually encourage the egg to make a halfmoon shape. :-()

              2. It may not be a sandwich, but any chance I get to make breakfast burritos, I take. This morning they were stuffed with eggs, plus a mixture of leftover potatoes and corn, both from the grill last night. Add a little cheese and salsa, and you got a stew goin'!

                1. For years it has been, and probably will always be, the simplicity of the egg sandwich.

                  For transport into the business day:

                  Scrambled eggs, stirred in bowl, then set with minimal stirring, with grated sharp cheddar topping to melt as the egg sets, then edges folded over the top to make a rectangle that fits the size of the lightly toasted whole wheat bread.

                  A thin layer of mayo is applied to both inner faces of the toasted bread.

                  The secret for "lasting till you've got the time to eat it" is to wrap it in aluminum foil. The stiff wrapping also allows you to eat it only one third at a time, and the re-wrap holds the shape well.

                  It takes 5 minutes to make, versus the drive-thru hassle.


                  2 eggs = 20 cents at 1.00 per dozen
                  2 breads = 25 cents at 2 dollars a loaf
                  cheese = 10 cents
                  mayo = 5 cents
                  foil = 5 cents
                  electric = 5 cents or less, at 10 cents/kw
                  Cleanup: a paper towel swipe of the teflon egg pan, then swipe the mayo knife, then the egged spatula. Soak the spatula for PM cleanup.

                  So. a 70 cent sandwich, plus more time at home for conversation versus the solo drive-thru experience of suffering thru those sitting tailpipe emissions.

                  Be sure to pack a pint jar of milk: It starts cold, and warms to taste richer when you are on round three of the sandwich.

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                    I found this fantastic clam-shell microwave egg cooker. Does two eggs in 55 seconds.

                    I put a couple of english muffins in the toaster (they take the longest), start the eggs, and peel off some cheese and deli meat (pepperoni for those spicy mornings, ham on other days, even roast turkey if I have it). A little HP sauce on the muffins, then throw the cheese and meat on top and finish toasting. Then slip the eggs in between, and I'm good to go. Like two McD's at a quarter of the cost.

                    Like your foil idea, though - I've been wrapping them in paper towels with occasional messy results.

                  2. Smoked salmon, cucumber, and scallion cream cheese on an onion bagel. It's even better with red onion and tomato, but that makes it difficult to bit without losing some out the back.

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                        With practice, one can minimize the "squishiness factor" of morning bagel sandwiches, with a pinch of all the fingers on the trailing side of the bagel as you gnaw into the leading edge. The artform is even more challenging when the bagel is warm from toasting and it further softens the cream cheese, and the layers of lox are slippery in their own right. The highest price one pays for this morning deliciousness is bathing twice before the morning is over.

                        1. re: danieljdwyer

                          Yum! You took the words, err, sandwich right out of my mouth. My sentiments exactly!

                        2. Taylor Pork on a NYC hard roll.

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                          1. re: cavandre

                            A slice of toast with a broiled tomato and an easy over egg on top

                          2. i love eggs and i could eat them everyday- actually i do eat them everyday!

                            i fry two eggs over medium so that the yolk is still runny but cooked enough so that it oozes out slowly when the sandwich is cut in half.
                            i put hellmans on each side of potato bread and layer the two eggs, sliced red onions, and sliced salted avocado. depending on my mood i'll add brown spicy mustard.

                            cut and devour. yum!

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                            1. re: liveloveat34

                              Grilled English muffin, eggs over easy, American cheese and a ton of bacon. I love when the youlk runs all over the other ingredients in the sandwich after taking the first bite. I then mop up the yolk from the plate with the sandwich...

                              1. re: Sean

                                Using the last two bites of bread to soak up the last bit of yolk is key.

                            2. Fried egg sandwich made at home. I prick the yolk before flipping the egg. As much as I like a runny yolk in the sandwich I prefer the yolk broken and cooked for ease of eating on the run.

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                              1. re: scubadoo97

                                I try to find that happy median between runny and set. A little ooze is great and helps to moisten the sandwich.

                              2. Oh my favorite breakfast sandwich, you would do that.
                                Let's see, is it an egg and cheese, ham or bacon with pico pica sauce, wrapped into a flour tortilla?OR is it a smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel with fresh tomato and red onion? hmmm. I must go with the simplest of all. Its a lightly toasted plain bagel with lots of cream cheese (where It is oozing out) and several strips of good quality thick peppered bacon. Now that will make me sit up an fly right.

                                1. I have three favorites. A good onion bagle, fried egg, good ham, gruyere cheese

                                  Second, wheat toast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar and fried egg

                                  Third a mock eggs benedict sandwich on a english muffin, poached egg, canadian bacon, a hollandaise..

                                  All three I love

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                                  1. re: kchurchill5

                                    I didn't mean to make this post so difficult, but how do you even pick a bread to start with - english muffins are awesome, bagels rock (and if a bagel which flavor of bagel), hard roll, baguette, tortilla, sourdough, wheat or whole grain, and dare I say it - plain old American white can hold it's own here too.

                                    1. re: ReggieL.

                                      You know it is hard to pick a bread. Bread is usually my first clue. I use what I have at hand. Then I look what else I have. I admit my sandwich changes daily with whatever I have.

                                      Today I had a little fresh onion slices, I had baguette, avacado and only a couple of slices of swiss. So today was egg on baguette, avacado, swiss and no meat. It was still great.

                                      Plain white is fine too. For me it is an adventure, Any morning I make a sandwich I use whatever is in the fridge so it is always something new which I think is fun.

                                      As powillie mentioned, a local place sells baguette slices topped with pesto, a spicy Italian ham, poached eggs and a a fontina cheese sauce sauce. Decadent

                                    2. re: kchurchill5

                                      YUM to your #3, I could get into that. I just bought croissants about an hour ago because of this thread! I forgot to add the other breakfast sandwich that I was stuck on.2 fried eggs, yolks runny, yup dripping. Baconnot too crispy or shaved ham, cheddar thinly sliced on a very lightly toasted croissant. Slide into the counter broiler/baker, to melt the cheese/bacon side. No butter or any other spread for the bread since the yolk is nice and gooey. Gently pull it together, and cut in half. Wear a bib, and have lots of hand wipes already opened and pulled out. Best eaten when driving on the interstate.

                                    3. I can't say that this is my favorite breakfast sandwich, but the one I had this morning was pretty darn good. I started with two 3/4" slices of fresh Italian bread. One slice was generously spread with parsley pesto then toppped with two fried eggs. Next came sliced tomato and thinly sliced sweet onion. The sandwich was then plated and cut in half to make it easier to eat. I did enjoy it.

                                      1. Taylor Ham , egg, cheese on hard roll is my favorite too.

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                                          It's so good and nothing says New Jersey like it. Not to be difficult, but how do you like the Taylor Ham cooked? I like mine fried until the edges are crispy. Taylor Ham has to be cooked to a certain degree of doneness tgo release the flavor.

                                          1. re: ReggieL.

                                            And you have to make some cuts around the edge so that the slice doesn't curl while you fry it.

                                        2. McDonald's Egg McMuffin.

                                          1. Not going to lie, I do love McDonald's egg and cheese on a biscuit. I top mine off with a squeeze of ketchup, salt and pepper, and about half of my hashbrown patty. Delish.
                                            Another favorite is Clinton St. Baking Co.'s Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich with scambled eggs, melted cheddar, homemade tomato jam and hash browns.


                                            1. Taylor Ham, egg and cheese, SPK

                                              1. Onion bagel, toasted, with chive cream cheese and either Scottish smoked salmon or salty (belly) lox. Never nova.

                                                Or...a well toasted english muffin with extra sharp cheddar melted on both halves and a layer of sliced pickled jalapeños in the middle.

                                                1. I love a poached egg on a english muffin with avacado and homemade chorizo and aged cheddar! mmmm

                                                  1. pork roll (or taylor ham as you like to call it), egg and cheese on an egg bagel. so yum!

                                                      1. Oh, that's easy. Bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomato and onion, and - here's the kicker - a fried egg, with a nice runny yolk. Although lately I've been making it on toasted ciabatta bread, crispier and easier to bite through than the bagel so it avoids some of the ingredients-squirting-out-the-back problem (but not all - that last messy bite of everything all squished up and mixed together is often the best...). Better than you can imagine.

                                                        1. Breakfast Burrito on flour tortilla.
                                                          Eggs/ hash browns/ bacon/ w/ cheese & salsa

                                                          or Eggs/refried beans/ cheese & salsa

                                                          1. Homemade breakfast sausage, cheese and fried egg over easy, must break the yolk on the bread!

                                                            2 eggs scrambled, onions, potatoes, pepper jack cheese topped with sliced jalapeños and salsa in a tortilla wrap (I scramble the eggs in a roasted jalapeño butter)

                                                            Kind of a sandwich…toasted whole wheat topped with ground chorizo hash and a poached egg

                                                            Peanut butter and bacon on toasted white bread

                                                            toasted Multi grain bread with Avocado, salt and pepper

                                                            And the mother of all...Smoked Salmon on an everything bagel with cream cheese, capers red onion

                                                            1. Bacon, egg and cheese on an English muffin, with the whole thing dipped in batter and deepfried, then smothered with sausage gravy. I promised myself I would lose another 10 lbs before I had another one!

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                                                              1. re: ricepad

                                                                Oh. My. Starry-Eyed Surprise. WOW!!! Maybe share one with me--we'll split the calories. ;)

                                                                1. Lightly toasted white bread, slice of deli American cheese, fried egg somewhere between over easy and over medium, and a light sprinkle of kosher salt and a couple grinds of black pepper, eaten with the plate just under your chin so you don't ruin your shirt when the yolk breaks.