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Would this party menu make you ill?

My baby's first birthday party theme is "Childhood Favorites." In light of that, the food will be kid-friendly fare. (I thought about making "adult" versions of kid faves, like sausage en croute instead of pigs in a blanket, but decided the traditional style was better for the theme.) Knowing the theme, would you be a little disgusted by this party menu if you were a guest?

Sloppy Joes
Mini Pizzas
Tater Tot Casserole
Mac N Cheese
Pigs in a Blanket
Bugles & Cheetos
Capri Sun drinks and juice boxes
Jello Jigglers

I was thinking about adding a green salad for those who really want something that's not beige. What do you think?

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  1. I think you should add the salad. and maybe some fresh fruit.

    im 8 months prego, though, and my opinions on food these days can't be trusted.... I'm living off of fresh fruit.

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    1. re: eLizard

      The two items that popped into my head immediately as well!

      P.S. what are jigglers?

      1. re: enbell

        you make super concentrated jello and then use cookie cutters to cut shapes out of it.

    2. Are you serving cocktails? (to the adults of course.)

      1. A one year old doesn't eat things like that, do they? So is this just a jokey thing for the grownups? Are you having a huge crowd? If not, that seems like a whole lot of food. Beige? What's beige? The Bugles? I'm really not wanting to sound snarky but I guess I don't quite get the point of this? Sorry.

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          Believe me I'm the Queen of Ironic Menus, but I have to agree with c oliver. This collection of food doesn't go quite far enough to qualify as hilariously tongue-in-cheek. Sadly, I've been to too many actual parties that serve this kind of thing with no joke intended whatsoever. If the food is intended to appeal the the kid-in-the-grownups, you probably should push the idea a bit and make it more obviously silly. If it's meant to appeal to the kids themselves, I guess it would do the trick. Not really sure what to suggest here by way of increasing the irony and fun, but something needs a slight re-think.

        2. I agree with CO in that ... will there be a lot of kids preschool age that will eat those foods or mostly younger.

          Questions? Are you serving adult beverages? How many people are invited is my next question? I also think as you said a green salad is a good idea and a fruit salad too.

          Pigs in a Blanket, Mac n Cheese, Sloppy Joes, Pizza, even the Tater Tot Casserole I could handle, but probably not go for the cheetos, capri drinks or jello jigglers.

          1. Change the jello jigglers to .......jello shots.

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            1. re: fourunder

              Hey ... the adults will be happy and the kids will be all asleep, just kidding.

              Yes, I think the menu needs be re thought out a bit.

              1. re: kchurchill5

                I was just at a golf outing that served very simple fare.

                Barbecued Ribs and Chicken
                Corn on the Cob
                Mesculin Greens
                Corn Bread
                Potato Salad
                Cole Slaw
                Cookies, Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake and Black Forest Cake
                Beer and Soda

                It was the cheapest spread I have ever been to for a golf outing and everyone loved it.

                1. re: fourunder

                  Nothing wrong with that. I love traditional BBQ food like that, simple but always good. I did a lot of sailing and windsurfing Regattas in MI and in FL, and I think that was the standard food at every Regatta dinner we went to.

            2. Make sure everybody has 3 martinis first and you'll have no problem. Actually it sounds pretty good to me. You could add Spam wasabi.

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              1. re: malibumike

                Unless there is a a new flavor, I think you mean musubi.

              2. yes, it would make me ill. i'd have to take extra blood pressure medication from the sodium overload -- FAST!

                my childhood favorites weren't junk food. maybe you can keep mac and cheese on the menu, but i grew up with fried shrimp, cuban sandwiches and bbq ribs. those childhood favorites of mine would make me happy on your menu. sloppy joes are -- well -- sloppy. and i'd need to spike those capri juice drinks with some mint, lime and rum. i like fourunder's menu much better. and i'd be elated if you served pioneer woman's spicy shredded pork with some tortillas and guac! http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/20...

                and someone mentioned rice krispies treats on another thread. i think everyone likes them (to some degree).

                1. Whatever happened to just Cake and Ice Cream??????.

                  Be sure to take pictures of the honoree! Otherwise the baby will never, ever remember the event.


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                  1. re: Uncle Bob

                    I still have pictures of MY first birthday party - it was an ice cream cake and I had it all over me and was delighted. That was 1948 so don't know if they had DQ at that time.

                    1. re: c oliver

                      c- it was probably made by that old carvel guy. ;-P.
                      talk about scary food! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7wj9U...

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                        My parents always got me the Carvel cake that had chocolate crunchies and cherries in it, I looked forward to it all year.

                  2. I like the idea, but I'd tweak the menu a little.

                    -Dump the pigs in blankets.
                    -No casserole, just tater tots. Mmmm. Tater tots.
                    -Make the sloppy joe filling extra thick, and do sloppy joe sliders on small rolls.
                    -Bake the macaroni and cheese in a wide, shallow pan, let it chill for a day or two, then make breaded and fried M&C bites. (I think Alton Brown has a recipe on Food Network's site.)
                    -As others have mentioned, Jell-o Shots, not Jell-o Jigglers.
                    -Think seriously about the cheetos. Will you end up with gummy, orange fingers on everything in your house? You may end up reupholstering after the party because of cheeto'd furniture.
                    -Think cupcakes.
                    -Make sure to find some kitschy, vintage/retro images that you can use for decorating the area, and maybe spread the word in advance to some of your "chattier" guests that this is an irony menu, or people will seriously judge you.

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                    1. re: mattwarner

                      fried mac and cheese bites is too much work for a mom running a party (because they'd have to be served hot out of the fryer). plus, many folks don't want fried food.

                      1. re: alkapal

                        well, with this menu i'm not sure fried food would really stand out as being oh-so-awful, HOWEVER you are correct: frying anything for a party is difficult to pull off nicely. host/Hostess wants to be hosting, not standing over a vat of hot, spattery oil.

                    2. Are you looking for other ideas or opinions from strangers that don't know and love you?

                      If the former- I think it's a cute idea to do everything baby versions- lil smokies in blankies, stuffed cherry tomatoes, tiny sliders, tiny meatballs...that type thing.

                      If you want my opinion: Mini Pizzas and Piggies in Blankets are great party bites. I would gag if offered a Capri Sun, but not if it was swirled in a glass of Vodka.
                      I would eat the mac n cheese if you threw lobster in it.
                      I would ignore the sloppy joes but I'd be the first one to balance Bugles on my fingertips...

                      1. Well, you've managed to disgust some of the people who responded. I eat healthy 99% of the time so I can really enjoy a meal like yours that other one percent of the time. I'd make it a bit simpler: get rid of the Bugles & Cheetos and the Mini Pizzas; get rid of either the Tater Tot Casserole or the Mac N Cheese; add the green salad (iceburg, tomatoes, "French" dressing).

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                        1. I would add a vegetable tray and a fruit tray, both with dips. Also drop either the Tator tot casserole or the Mac & Cheese. The orange finger syndrome (with Cheetos) is really a problem, so you may want to reconsider that, as well as Sloppy joes - they are sloppy. If you are planing on serving the adults the juice boxes, why not just make a batch of koolaid. Those boxes are too little for me. Just my opinion, and you know the ages of of your guests, so adjust accordingly. When going to a babies b'day party I never know what to expect, and saying that, your menu seems pretty typical!

                          1. There's another, earlier thread on this where it's mentioned that it will be mostly adults and few kids. Also husband suggested hot dogs and hamburgers but OP doesn't want him to have to be staffing the grill the whole time. I find, however, that people love hanging out around the grill, having a beer, whatever. I think dogs and burgers sound like theme enough.

                            1. yes, I think it is disgusting. There is absolutely no reason to have so many different variations of simple carbs, salt, and fat. I don't make it a point to eat healthy food for health reasons, but for taste reasons. Do you really need a tater tot casserole AND mac 'n cheese? Pigs in a blanket AND mini pizzas?

                              1. Ok... to clarify:

                                Guest list is mostly adults, just a few kids... about 30 people total.

                                Yes, I will be serving adult beverages... beer and wine, primarily. (Though liquor is always available to my guests.)

                                Many of these choices--Capri Suns, Cheetos, etc.--are actual childhood faves of some of the guests. (Everyone knows the theme, and this always leads to conversations of people reminiscing about their personal childhood faves, and I've picked out a few common items that I hear again and again. Maybe my friends/family have low class tastes.)

                                And in my opinion, the meal is very beige. Yeah... maybe the cheetos are orange and the mini pizzas have red sauce, but overall... Beige.

                                By serving this menu I was hoping to hit on at least one or two childhood faves for every guest. Conversations have made me realize that there is no universally loved childhood food. lol The result, however, is this carb/sodium mishmash.

                                Then again, someone did mention (maybe here) that it's a child's party... why does a menu have to be healthy and well-rounded all the time?

                                All the guests are close family/friends, but I totally don't want anyone walking away feeling a hard lump in their stomach! Basically, if you find the menu gross, I am totally open to suggestions, but they really need to fit within the theme. Personal childhood faves that aren't common kiddie foods or golf-menus aren't really going to help me out too much, though they're interesting to read.

                                And everytime we have a BBQ, Hubby is always running around cooking, cleaning, serving, etc. while I watch the baby. Just this once I want him to be able to relax without cooking and serving food. The only way I would consider hotdogs/burgers is if he could make them an hour before the party started, but I don't know of any way to keep burgers palatable that way for hours (guests will probably arrive throughout the evening).

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                                  "Personal childhood faves that aren't common kiddie foods or golf-menus aren't really going to help me out too much, though they're interesting to read."
                                  WHAT?!??!??! (doesn't every child love fried shrimp, cuban sandwiches and bbq?).
                                  but...you ARE having ice cream, right? with the cake?

                                  1. re: bitsypieces

                                    So, honestly, your son's birthday isn't a jumping off point for the **theme** but rather an excuse for a party. No problem with that and it does clarify. Of the items you list I don't think I ate any of those things as a child except for mac n cheese and it was never beige. What about PBJ? I think someone mentioned stuffed celery sticks. Chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies? Cupcakes? Barbecued chicken (that was a sumertime mainstay when I was a kid.) Why CAN'T every meal include some healthy choices like salad and fruit? I ate that growing up. And if you can't keep burgers and dogs warm (which actually isn't that hard to do), how are you going to keep all those other things warm throughout an entire evening? Evening??? Will the baby even by awake during his/her party? :) Also don't understand why if your husband is doing the grilling, why does that include cleaning and serving? Whatever you do I'm sure will suit you and your friends and family.

                                      1. re: alkapal

                                        Yep, finally :)

                                        What about slices of apples with peanut butter on them? I serve that as an app when kids come over.

                                        1. re: c oliver

                                          anything with peanut butter! (i fancy those celery sticks stuffed with peanut butter with raisins...."ants on a log." probably from an old girl scout camp cookbook ;-).

                                          apparently, i'm not the only one: http://images.google.com/images?clien...

                                          look at this funny version, from a bento box: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1083/1...

                                          now you could do it with cream cheese and craisins. ("chiggers on a snowy log.") <oh how i amuse myself and avoid doing something useful! look: a chigger on a log! http://images.enature.com/insects_spi... > **

                                          ** you know how the chinese have that "ants on a tree" dish? well, you know what rural people have? "chiggers on the leg" (craisins on a pork loin!).
                                          ok, i can accede to pigs in a blanket, but made with little smokies. with a mustard dipping sauce. (not that bitsypieces wants to make them anymore....)

                                          1. re: alkapal

                                            Lit'l Smokies are one of my true guilty pleasures/addictions.

                                    1. re: bitsypieces

                                      Heavens to Bitsy! (Sorry.couldn't resist)
                                      Why must there be a Theme?? Can't you just prepare items you are good at and are fresh(Underline fresh)and tasty for your guests. Or have it catered. that way no one is running around cooking , cleaning, serving... After all it is a 1 yr old's Birthday. I can only imagine chaos. These "Theme " things are quite passe...

                                    2. Another menu item I considered--but ditched because I really wanted the mac and cheese--was baked spaghetti.

                                      Suggestions from other party guests include: Freeze Pops, Fried Bologna Sandwiches and a cold cereal bar. See? I thought I picked out the good stuff! ha ha

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                                      1. re: bitsypieces

                                        I like the cereal bar idea. I think you do need to add things that are not just going to turn into a leaden pit in people's stomachs, something at least a little fresher. Those can be kids faves too!! How about ants on a log? or apples and pb/apples and cheese? even just a tray of orange wedges - my mom used to give me these when I was a kid and I would put the whole thing in my mouth and eat the flesh leaving the peel in front of my teeth so i could make "orange smiles" - though i may be alone in this. lots of kids eat yogurt, maybe you could have that with some berries people could mix in?

                                        I feel like if I was at your party with the current menu I would not really want to eat anything, then I would cave and eat the things that I felt particularly attached to from my childhood (although I actually never ate anything on your list . . . grilled cheese? pb and j?) then I would feel gross and regret it. especially if I was drinking beer.

                                        I appreciate what you are trying to do witih the menu and I think it is workable, but needs some key additions/tweaking.

                                        1. re: Cebca

                                          Ok, so lets think about this.

                                          Appetizers: I like the idea of ants on a log (cheez whiz?), apple wedges with peanut butter or cream cheese, miniature PB+J sandwiches (crust cut off), even the tater tots - heated up and served with a choice of sauces (spicy?). Pigs in a blanket wouldn't be too terribly offensive.

                                          As for the main dish part. Let's say you go with macaroni and cheese. Make it as iconically close to the childhood favourite as you possibly can. Use velveeta cheese, if you must, or just make it however your mother used to do. With the mac and cheese, serve a very non-trendy salad - maybe iceberg lettuce, carrot curls, tomato wedges, etc. Leave the arugula and microgreens out of it this time. Side dish? What did you like as a kid? Broccoli trees? Carrot coins? How about something with meatballs? My kids loved meatball anything. OR chicken fingers. OR fish sticks (make your own from real fish!). With tartar sauce or whatever else for dipping.

                                          Dessert should be either a cold cereal bar or an ice cream sundae bar. Or combine both into an ice cream sundae cereal bar. Don't forget the rice krispie squares.

                                          Go to a second hand shop or hunt through your basement for some tacky appropriately vintage serving things. I'm guessing for your age that would be early 80's style stuff? What about looking for something like a Ghostbuster tablecloth or napkins or Ninja Turtles or whatever? Or else just buy kids party ware with as much silly stuff as possible (Barbie?). Make all the adults eat and drink off these goofy plates and cups. Oh - bendy straws! Loot bags!

                                          1. re: Nyleve

                                            Nyleve, SURELY you are not suggesting that bend straws are goofy?!?!

                                              1. re: Boccone Dolce

                                                Heck no! I just finished drinking something with a bendy straw right now!

                                            1. re: Cebca

                                              We used to do that thing with our orange slices, I forgot all about it! We thought we were so funny.

                                              I grew up on peanut butter and jelly, but I thought it was considered deadly poisonous for children to be in the same room with peanut butter nowadays?

                                              1. re: coll

                                                I remember orange slices smiles and Pringles "duck bills." Lunch time at school was so silly.

                                                1. re: pinkprimp

                                                  I teach middle school and trust me when I say kids still make orange smiles and Pringle beaks.

                                                  1. re: TampaAurora

                                                    what a relief! I ws also relieved to discover recently that fruit-roll-ups are still using the Fruit Roll Up Factory in their commercials and the Trix bunny is still alive and well (though now cross-promoting Trix YOGURT). Nice to know some icons from childhood (commercial though they may be) haven't met their doom due to rebranding efforts, the internet, technology, and "kids these days"

                                          2. Working with the foods you mentioned, how about

                                            Sloppy Joes with soft white buns,
                                            Bugles/Cheetos/Ruffles with Lipton California Onion Dip
                                            Pigs-in-a-blanket with condiments
                                            Celery and carrot sticks, blk olives, cherry tomatoes
                                            Watermelon, strawberries, grapes
                                            Popcicles in old-timey flavors like banana and root beer, along with lime, cherry, grape
                                            or Bullet Pops
                                            and Push Ups

                                            not perfectly balanced but it covers some of the favorites you mentioned and adds in kid-popular fruits and veggies.
                                            I love nostalgia but really would want something lighter added in.

                                            1. I am having cake and ice cream, so I kind of figured that would be dessert.

                                              I like the idea of jello shots, too, as many of my friends are pretty serious drinkers.

                                              I can't do Peanut Butter because of allergies, but was thinking about celery with some type of herbed cream cheese and dried cranberries (i.e. Ants on a Snowy Log).

                                              I plan to get a couple of disposable chafing dishes for some of the items. The mac n cheese (the recipe tastes like cafeteria mac n cheese to me, but my taste testers loved it) is a crockpot recipe that stays edible for a few hours. (Once it gets really late, the serious drinkers will barely be tasting their food anyway. ha ha)

                                              I did think about going with a veggie tray and giving everything "Dinosaur" names like Dinosaur Trees for broccoli and Dinosaur Eggs for grape tomatoes.

                                              I also like the idea of orange smiles! :)

                                              I also considered fried chicken, because we can just buy that from a local store... no cooking required. ;)

                                              Decorations will be childhood fave books/games/toys, like CandyLand, The Velveteen Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, Checkers. I also plan to cover the tables with white butcher paper and leave cans of Play-Doh and crayons around.

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                                              1. re: bitsypieces

                                                >>>"I like the idea of jello shots, too, as many of my friends are pretty serious drinkers."
                                                "Once it gets really late, the serious drinkers will barely be tasting their food anyway. ha ha."<<<

                                                ah, yes, that is like all the other one-year-old's birthday parties i've been to! LOL.

                                                once everyone is -- uh, shall we say, -- "happy" (as in "happy birthday"), then you can play twister and spin the bottle.

                                                1. re: alkapal

                                                  In this scenario, I think the children will NEED those Jello shooters!!!!

                                                2. re: bitsypieces

                                                  A+ on the crayons and play-doh. I would LOVE to have a party with those elements - and now that I think about it, my bday is coming up . . . .? Thanks for the inspiration!

                                                3. I LOVE the idea of Ninja Turtle and other stuff for plates/cups. Had originally planned to go with a plain color... but maybe mixing it up would be funny.

                                                  1. Thanks for the suggestions!

                                                    Rethinking the menu based on your ideas, I am now leaning toward:

                                                    - Fried Chicken
                                                    - Pigs in Blankets made with Lil Smokies
                                                    - Mac n Cheese
                                                    - Ants on a Snowy Log (AKA Chiggers on a Snowy Log)
                                                    - Orange "Smiles"
                                                    - Jello Shots & Jigglers
                                                    - Pizzettes (AKA Mini Pizzas)

                                                    Foods that can be prepped ahead of time are really the best choice for me (I hate spending my time in the kitchen when hosting a party!).

                                                    Anyone care to share their thoughts on the revised menu?

                                                    And by the way, thanks a ton for all the advice/suggestions! I knew in my gut that the menu was gross, no matter how many times Hubby said "Kids don't like healthy foods. Kids just like junk."

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                                                    1. re: bitsypieces

                                                      bitsy, much better! (there's one little thing that'd be good -- not kiddie, but good for balance -- and that's a cole slaw of some sort. it's a little green, crunchy, and tastes good paired with the chick and pigs).

                                                      and i'm glad you adopted those poor, neglected chiggers! (i'll have some of PETA's "rescue chiggers" sent over to your place before the party. i won't disclose that they'll be eaten).

                                                    2. How about some dollar store vienna sausages cut in half and some cubed velveeta with toothpicks stuck in them????

                                                      1. I hate to admit that I don't like anything on the menu, aside from the juice boxes if they're actually real juice (even then I'd have to cut it 50% with seltzer). I don't need healthy or even adult food at a party or all the time, but this is a bit much. Dessert might have to include fruit flavoured tums.

                                                        edit after reading all posts:
                                                        I like the revised menu. If you set up a schedule for how long things take to prepare and plate, you shouldn't have to worry about being in the kitchen when hosting the party (including shopping, cooling beverages [the washing machine was used as champagne cooler at one party I co-hosted], preheating the oven...)

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                                                        1. re: Caralien

                                                          Caralien, what an ingenius way to use the washing machine! ;-) I'm going to use that idea for next time.

                                                        2. pieces, I'm going to reply a a second time. Stick with a slightly modified version of what you first suggested along with a salad. You talked to your friends; they like the theme and provided suggestions. The party is for your friends, not for people responding here (although I wish I could attend - eating pigs in blankets and sloppy joes and drinking too much is right up my alley once in a while. Don't upscale or make "healthy" version of your party fare. Head high. Stick to your guns.

                                                          1. I made Jello shots for a progressive dinner party some years ago. They thought I was just kidding but I wasn't and they scarfed down all of them. Mount Gay rum with orange Jello, Jose Cuervo with lime Jello, vodka with cherry Jello. I swiped a big stack of ketchup cups from a Wendy's to make them.

                                                            1. three children later, and now a 3 year old, I'd simplify the menuif it were my party. I know that you'll have guests, adults, and children of other ages, so I would acommodate them as best I could if this is to be their dinner and you decide to make what you think they'd like but little kids, I've found just are not going to eat all the food you've planned, and it has nothing to do with if I think it's healthy or not. I'd just hate to see you go to a lot of work and the food not get eaten.

                                                              For the younger crowd ( the really little ones)
                                                              pizza, just cut it all up in to squares, they'll love it. Make 1 cheesey, and the other cheese and pepperoni.
                                                              Salad- kids do eat salad, cut it small, leave off the tomatoes shredded carrots, and some celery with ranch dressing and or thousand island
                                                              pigs in a blanket
                                                              cupcakes - set up a table in the garage, let them decorate the cupcakes
                                                              Capri drinks in the ice bucket, water, and assorted juices

                                                              1. I think your idea is fun. It's childhood favs not one year old favs.

                                                                Would the menu make me ill- yes if I ate everything. But people are going to pick and choose.

                                                                When I was a child I loved finger foods.

                                                                Definately pigs in a blanket

                                                                you could try mini grilled cheese

                                                                Sloppy joes might end up a disaster at a party without a table to sit at- ie sloppy joes on the floor.

                                                                I would keep the jello jigglers for the kids. That is the one thing that might really appeal. Or to add more fruit, you could try a jellied fruit salad. I loved those as a kid.

                                                                As a kid, the only chicken I liked was the drumstick (which I dislike most now) It was easy to eat as there was just one bone- other pieces tended to have too many bones. You could do some sort of oven baked drumsticks.

                                                                I also like the idea of tator tots as a side- not the casserole. They would go well with any of the above proteins.

                                                                I'd mix Shirley Temples over juice boxes or chocolate milk :)

                                                                Kids like veggies and ranch dip usually- if you keep the veggies simple such as carrots, celery and cucumbers- Pitted black olives are fun for kids because you can stick them on your fingers

                                                                we used to go wild over sliced watermelon. I like the idea of orange wedge smiles as well. Grapes and strawberries are also popular with kids.

                                                                I'd put out bugles and cheetos for good measure- some will eat them and those who don't want them won't

                                                                I like the cupcake idea but I have seen the disaster of decorate your own- personalized cupcakes would be fun. I always liked something with my name on it.

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                                                                1. re: salsailsa

                                                                  When I think over my childhood meals, I can't say I'm nostalgic about anything, but I have much more vivid memories of childhood sweets (the celery sticks with cream cheese and peanut butter did jog long buried memories). If it were my party (which it isn't, and never will be), I would probably "grow up" the main dishes and focus the nostalgia on desserts. My mother was a non-cook, so most of them were packaged. I remember Sara Lee pound cakes, good humor ice cream bars (anyone remember the strawberry shortcake ice cream?), fudgetown cookies, your various hostess ding dongs, yoohoos, fruit pies, and a chocolate pudding which came in a plastic tub called "Cool and Creamy" which I adored, but which disappeared from the shelves while I was still a child.

                                                                  There are some childhood dishes which can be adapted to adult tastes. Macaroni and cheese is definitely one of them. BLT and grilled cheese sandwiches are another. Soups like cream of tomato or chicken noodle. The question is whether it is meant to be a salute to childhood, or an actual reversion.

                                                                  1. re: salsailsa

                                                                    salsailsa, i'd forgotten about shirley temples....the gateway cocktail! ;-).

                                                                    i always got one when my parents went out for dinner. i especially remember this place in fort myers, florida -- smitty's -- that had the best steaks and prime rib, salads and baked potatoes. usually if you ate later, they had a combo playing in the corner.

                                                                    1. re: alkapal

                                                                      Alkapal, I think we had the same upringing!

                                                                  2. Quick word of caution on the proposed jello shots. There would have to be a very clear way of making sure the kids don't think they're for them.

                                                                    Or not.

                                                                    Hey, it's your party.

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                                                                    1. re: Nyleve

                                                                      Good point. I suspect only a few guests will indulge in the jello shots anyway (not everyone attending is a drinker), so maybe I'll just wait to bring them out until the people with kids have gone home.

                                                                    2. I don't know if this qualifies as kid-food or not, but at a friend's Super Bowl party, someone put a layer of Cheez Whiz on Ritz crackers, tossed a slice of cheap pepperoni on top and then baked it in the oven until it was warmed through.

                                                                      We had a room full of foodies and those things went as fast as they were cool enough to touch!

                                                                      1. It's a bit heavy on the grease element... you don't really need ALL those different foods unless you're feeding the 5000. I'd skip the juice boxes - nostalgia only goes so far and they're undrinkable! Serve a nice freshly squeezed orange juice or something instead if you want juice. Or homemade lemonade. Salad and fruit are always a good idea. And don't forget the birthday cupcakes.

                                                                          1. re: alkapal

                                                                            yeah, Charm City cakes is going to send a thug to Sandra to slap her for calling that a $500 cake, or $1K cake or whatever she said. I can see the CCK van going down the highway with the thug in the back, threatening to fall over at every turn...

                                                                          2. I see that the menu's changed a lot. Tell us- what did you actually serve? I had some problems with year-old kids eating some of the original lineup because my son could barely eat solid food at that age. But I understand that the bulk of the menu was for the adult partygoers, a WHOLE different kettle of fish sticks.

                                                                            So- how did it go?

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                                                                            1. re: EWSflash

                                                                              all i saw was june 20's post from bitsypieces.
                                                                              - Fried Chicken
                                                                              - Pigs in Blankets made with Lil Smokies
                                                                              - Mac n Cheese
                                                                              - Ants on a Snowy Log (AKA Chiggers on a Snowy Log)
                                                                              - Orange "Smiles"
                                                                              - Jello Shots & Jigglers
                                                                              - Pizzettes (AKA Mini Pizzas)

                                                                              and jello shots for adults, later -- after the kiddies were gone.

                                                                              i'd have craved some crunchy veg.......