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Wanting to try all new restaurants on this trip

Kind of a two fold question, looking to hit all new spots for both fine dining and po boys.

Will have 2 nights and looking for the best of the best, tasting menu would be preferred but not critical. Also will have 2 lunches and kind of looking for the same thing - the best lunch available in the city.

Here's where we've been:
Commanders, Emerils, Mr Bs, August, Antoines, Arnauds, Brennans, Pelican Club, GW Fins, Nola, Clancys, Lilette, Galatoires, Upperline, Peristyle, Delmonico, and Brigtsens.

Then have 1 more lunch opening and looking for the best oyster po-boy. We've been to: Mothers, Bourbon House, Acme, Ugelisichs (RIP), Mr Bs, Dragos.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Lunch/Dinner: Stella!, Iris, Eleven79, Martinique Bistro, Vizard's, Bistro Daisy, Le Petite Grocery, Herbsaint, Luke

    PoBoy Lunch: Mandina's, Parkway Bakery, Mahoney's, Crabby Jack's, The Galley, Bozo's

    1. Cuvee, Stella, Mat n Naddie's, Dante's Kitchen, Gautreau's, Boucherie, One

      Parkway, Parasol's, Domilise's

      1. Try Galvez, it's the new Spanish place that openned up where Bella Luna used to be. The food's apparently great and the view is stunning.

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          great space. view is great, food is meh.

        2. todaro's on the westbank. glad to see you're not thinking just the fq.

          1. Based on your list, easy choice for diners: Stella! and MiLa.

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                I am in agreement on those two suggestions, plus the one for Crabby Jack's for po-boys. If one has not done Parkway, then that would be a must-dine for me for po-boys.


                Crabby Jacks
                428 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70121

                Stella Restaurant
                1032 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA 70116

                Parkway Bakery & Tavern
                538 Hagan Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119

                817 Common Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

              2. For your oyster po-boy, sad that Cassamento's is closed for the season (though technically a loaf). Many rave about the oyster po-boy at Liuzza's By The Track, but I haven't been in awhile and don't know how they are holding up.

                For just great food, you should add Bucherie (old Iris/Mango House/Ninja location off Carrolton) for either lunch or dinner. Definitely make a reservation.

                1. Hands down, best oyster poboy : Bozos, 21st St., Metairie.

                  1. poboys -- +1 Parasol's for roast beef poboy. Johnny's in the quarter has something for anybody. Crabby Jack's has a nice duck.

                    Crabby Jacks
                    428 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70121

                    Johnny's Po-Boys
                    511 Saint Louis St, New Orleans, LA 70130

                    Parasol's Restaurant
                    2533 Constance St, New Orleans, LA 70130

                    1. I second Herbsaint (my hands-down favorite), Luke, and Stella!. Le Petit Grocery is very good also. Iris is nice, I keep trying Martinique but have not been impressed. Bistro Daisy is pretty good too.
                      I also second parkway bakery.

                      1. Just got back, you have to do Cochon - LOVED it!!!! They have a great small plate menu too so you can graze through the evening like a tasting menu. We had fantastic fried boudin, fried alligator, rabbit stew and the best dish ever (it was a special) - head on shrimp and grits with chili oil. Rolls were phenominal too. Check out the menu:

                        The guy next to us had their famous Oyster and Bacon sandwich - looked fantastic, wish I had several stomachs. The duo on the other side of us raved about the mac/cheese and crawfish pie.

                        We had two excellent po-boys at Ernst Cafe: I had shrimp, hubby had catfish. It was a new spot for us but they've been there for 106 years, must be doing something right: http://ernstcafe.net/content/view/14/34/

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                          I like Ernst. I've heard people say some bad things about it but I have nothing but good experiences there. My friends with a condo up the block from there eat there on steak night when they are in town. They have a nice chicken sandwich as well as burgers and wraps, all for under ten bucks.

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                            THanks to everyone. I think we've settled on Stella for our tasting menu dinner. May be a coin flip on the oyster po boy.

                            Have been wanting to try Cochon so may try to work that in. Also, is Rambla still doing well? Ate there the last time I was in town and was very impressed.

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                              I had a great meal at Rambla recently - I think this place is really underrated - the daily specials have especially been interesting the couple of times i ate there.

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                                I ate there when we were down back in Nov and I thought it was really good. Husband has a little too much "fun" at Galatoire's lunch, so I was alone. Chatted with the bartender and other servers. Liked most of what I got to eat.

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                              me, too mrs...

                              husband works at harrahs so we spend a lot of time on/near fulton...I always find myself stopping at ernst for a drink/sandwich and I've yet to be disappointed

                              fairly underrated spot I'd say ~ plus free crawfish with an abita pitcher isn't a bad way to spend a weds night!

                          2. Lunch: Cuvee, Herbsaint, Emeril's.

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                              Thanks again to everyone. Business lunch and the demands of our co-diners got in the way of some plans but here's where we went.

                              Drago's in Metairie where I've been many times but I never get tired of those oysters. Nice soft shell crab special as well.
                              Central Grocery for a muffaletta. Good as always.
                              Rambla (we always stay at the Int'l House) we grazed mid afternoon on pork rillettes and some nice cheeses along with some fantastic verdejo and white burgundy.
                              Cochon, I had fried rabbit livers with jalapeno chutney and a very simple but very taste gulf redfish with herbs and shaved garlic. Watermelon sorbet, good not great.
                              Stella, absolutely fantastic. We skipped the tasting b/c there were too many things on the main menu we wanted to try. So, we kind of put our own together. We shared apps of asian spiced head on prawns and crabmeat risotto with shaved summer truffles. Then we split an heirloom beet salad that had 3 diff kinds of beets, beet confetti, a beet sorbet and beet foam and honey. Thank God we love beets! Then for entrees we had Duck 5 ways - seared breast, foie gras wonton, moo shi, confit, and broth. Then the venison with with mushrooms was also off the charts. And, woah the desserts - chocolate cake with 'hot buttered lemonade', rich and citrusy all at once. And finally the bananas foster french toast was lethal.

                              didn't get my oyster po boy fix on this trip but will be back soon. Thanks again.