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Jun 20, 2009 06:25 AM

Gifford Ice creaam open in Pikesville

Just stopped by Gifford's Ice Cream new store which just opened in Pikesville.....Am I out of touch, but is $4.75 for a SINGLE scoop of ice cream and $52.00 for an ice cream cake the going rate for ice cream these days.

My first job @ Baskin-Robbins.....a single scoop was 18 cents ! ( I can't be THAT OLD !!!)

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  1. Too funny - you read my mind. I went yesterday and when the server gave me my little teeny-tiny 1/2 scoop of ice cream - I blurted out you have got to be kidding $5! The server replied that it was premium ice cream. I told her that I could walk over to Giant and buy a gallon of "premium" ice cream for $5. The manager must have been sitting by the bar and he said that they can put more ice cream in my litle cup - I told him thanks but no thanks. I can't see this place lasting with those prices. Bring back Starbucks!!!

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    1. re: shortpath

      Why in the world did you say "no thanks!" (?)
      I would have had them load it up!!!!

      1. re: shortpath

        Fpr waht its worth....this place didn't last long.....IT closed about 2 months ago. I don't think the "new Giffords" seems to have theri act together

        1. re: MDicecreamguy

          And they closed at Fallsgrove Shopping Center too in Rockville. Not good... I still like Ben And Jerry's the best as they give you very large scoops!

          1. re: stever500

            That's too funny. Whole Foods had Giffords Ice Cream samples for FREE TODAY!

            Should of "loaded up" today ;)

            and the person giving the samples was recommending people buy pints of Giffords Ice Cream. Sample lady had chocolate, something Coconut God knows what, and ALL NATURAL Peppermint.

            When I got there she had no more Peppermint Samples and told me there were only two more pints of Peppermint in the freezer. They were selling for like $5.00 each I think at least...

      2. I visited the Giffords in Rockville town center a couple weeks back with out of town family.
        My oldest sister has had an infatuation for Gifford's Swiss Chocolate for over 40 years.
        The Rockville location did not even have SC in the case for scooping cones. She bought a pre-packed pint, and was very disappointed.

        I had an overpriced Black Cherry or Blackberry cone. Nothing special. As another poster commented, Baskin Robbins would probably be better at a cheaper price.