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Korean in Southern NH, North Eastern MA?

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Aby recommendations for Korean food in Southern NH or North Eastern MA?

We're planning to take my step dad out for an early Fathers' Day dinner tonight and he is a big fan of Korean food, especially Kim Chi - for him, the spicier, the better.

We've been to Dynamite in Hudson NH many times, and have always had a great meal, but we're looking for something different.

I'd love to find a Korean BBQ place that you cook at your table and also has a good kim chi selection.

I've seen a few good reviews of The Korean Place in Manchester, NH - but nothing recent.
How does that compare to New Jang Su Korean BBQ in Burlington, MA?

Any other ideas?


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  1. We ended up at "The Korean Place" in Manchester last night and had an excellent meal.

    It was not at all what we were expecting. I was thinking Kim Chi and Bulgogi for some reason and it wasn't that at all - but the food was very very good.
    We had the dumplings and the vegetable pancake as apps - both were excellent. For dinner we had the beef bi bim bop, the spicy pork bi bim bop, the crispy chicken, the seafood soup and a few other things.
    It took a long time to get the food to our table, but we weren't in a rush and the staff was constantly checking on us and even gave us a free beer to apologize.
    After dinner they gave us small bowls of homemade lemon custard which everyone enjoyed (my son descibed it as "heavenly", that's high praise from a 12 year old).

    It wasn't dirt cheap, but not crazy expensive - for 6 people, with a few appetizers, it was about $130 with tax.

    Not exactly "traditional Korean" (whatever that means), but an great meal - we're definitely going back.

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      Try Shira Kiku, 13 Broad Street Nashua. You will thank me for sure!

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        A second for Shira Kiku. Good, authentic food at reasonable prices, in my opinion.

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        I read in Hippo Press (I think) that the Korean Place is closing (mama's retiring). Son is opening a place in Concord, more fusion than Korean.

      3. Woo Jung Restaurant in Ayer, MA

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          Woo Jung is a hike from NH, but worth it!

        2. Hee Bin in Lawrence, MA is okay for Korean BBQ.