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Jun 20, 2009 05:57 AM

Puerto Rican Pasteles in the Bronx?

I am looking for a restaurant that serves Puerto Rican style Pasteles, which is a holiday pork dish made with bannanas and yautía and wrapped in bannana leaves and paper. I live in California and I leave on Monday. I am staying in the Bronx but will gladly travel if anyone knows of a good restaurant. I am craving that food!

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  1. Hands down you need to take a trip to East Harlem and go to La Fonda Boricua. I haven't had their pasteles, because in my opinion, I refuse to pay for what I get get from my mom. However, everything else I have had from them tastes like it came from my mom's kitchen. It's on East 106th street between Lex and Third.

    1. I can't vouch for the place. But there's a Cuchofrito joint on 188th near Webster Ave (a few blocks from the Fordham MetroNorth stop). It's very local, but I've never been. Has anyone? If you're willing to take the risk..... it's there.