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Jun 20, 2009 04:32 AM

Wilmington NC local food sources

I will be in the WIlmington area (Wrightsville Beach specifically) for a family reunion starting 4th of July weekend. As a resident of the Boston area I've become spoiled with the access we have here for locally sourced food. There will be 20 people so we'll be cooking in a lot. So I'd love people's suggestions for locally sourced food products. I grabbed a link for NC farmers markets and I love the seafood I've gotten at (I believe it's) Channel Seafood on the causeway. Is there another place near Wrightsville that is better ? What's your favorite farmer's market ? Is there a place for locally sourced meat products ? A good shop for Wine (preferably one with a good selection of Rose's, my summer addiction) and always like a good cheese shop. We have a professional chef amongst the family group and I spend a lot of time cooking, so I think everyone is expecting to be well fed while at the beach. I'd love to treat them to the best NC product I can source.

Thanks for all your help

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  1. First of all Jeff...I hope you and your family will come to one of the Wilmington Red Sox Nation's meet-ups while you are in town. (Google us) We usually go to Southpaws downtown - which plays every single game on glorious flat screens.

    I like the farmer's market on Wednesdays at Poplar Grove (less than ten minutes from WB)...and there is a fruit and veggie stand across the way that is usually open daily (not sure of the name). There is Saturday's Farmers Market along the river downtown. Country Fresh Produce is on Carolina Beach road...close to downtown. Fresh Market is in Mayfaire - close to WB...beautiful produce and meats. Yes, Motts Channel Seafood is the best in the area. Red Bank Wine in Mayfaire has a nice selection and decent prices...and there is also World Market in Mayfaire that has beer and wine. While at the farmers markets make sure to find the man with the different goat cheeses...amazing, Other than not thing Wilmington has a cheese shop. Harris Teeter does have a quasi decent selection.
    Hope this helps!

    1. Okay...two more suggestions: Great Harvest, and Tidal Creek - both on Oleander next to an old movie theater. Great Harvest is a bakery...and Tidal Creek a food co-op. Not sure about their meats and cheeses but know the produce is local and organic.

      1. Jeff - Some suggestions for you for your upcoming trip to Wrightsville Beach. We just moved to Wrightville from the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area which is RICH with local sources. It's more difficult here, but they are coming along.

        For local seafood- yes Mott's Channel is most convenient and our favorite.

        Produce - Wrightsville Beach just started a local farmers market on Mondays 8am-1pm. They set up on your right, along the causeway after you cross the main bridge. Today they had one vendor with goat cheese but no meats. The earilier reply had good suggestions for other markets. Fresh Market at Mayfaire is the only upscale type grocer - not necessarily local though.

        Lovey's Market - In Landfall Shopping Center great little organic/local market with a popular salad/food bar. Their little food deli is pretty decent.

        Martinelli's Italian Food Market - on Wrightsville Avenue near the bridge. straight from Brooklyn - they make their own Mozzarella cheese and sausage, also order truffle oil from them.

        Coastal Cupcakes - local and made daily also on Wrightsville Avenue near bridge - next to Cool Sweats.

        Wines - agree with earlier post and like Red Bank Wine in Mayfaire

        If you get tired of cooking may I suggest...

        Portland Grille in Lumina Station - more upscale, are local talent and they try and use local sources

        The Brasserie in Lumina Station - great place to get a salad made for you or their petite burgers

        Marcs on Market (north of Wrightsville on Market street near Ogden) - local talent

        Have a great vacation and consider coming back during blueberry season, that we can get you the best you will ever eat. Late May and early June.


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          Thanks for the suggestions. These are great and give me what I need for the week. I've printed them so I can have them close by for the week. SB I know Blueberries are past but by the time I get back we'll be starting Blueberry season up north and just a week or two away from corn and tomotoes.

          Dara we will definitely stop by Southpaws though it looks like the next Red Sox Nation gathering is the day we fly back North I think you mentioned they generally have the game on so I know my wife and son will need a Red Sox fix at some point during the week. Looks like Oakland and KC from Fenway next week.

          Now if we can guarantee lots of sunshine and hot weather life will be good. I know everyone in Wilmington might be tired of it but it's been cold and rainy since Memorial Day in the Northeast and we need heat and sunshine.