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Jun 20, 2009 02:43 AM

The Fifth

Who is the chef nowadays?
Manager is former Bistro 990? sommelier?
Anyway, should we go there for a very special occasion? Our friends suggested as their condo is just nearby it. What should we order? What should we avoid?
Please let us know. Thanks!

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  1. Last time I was there, a few of us tried each other's meals. The halibut and the steak frites were outstanding.

    1. I actually ate there on friday and had a wonderful meal. It was my sister's bachelorette and we all had a really good time. The food was wonderful and the service was friendly yet professional. The terrace is gorgeous.

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      1. re: Shorttyred

        which dishes did you, guys, favour?
        what's the price range?

        1. re: macika

          Fifth is not cheap - we ate a bunch of little things (more sides and apps)

          I had the small filet (rare) very nice with a bernaise. The lobster poutine was very decadent. The mushroom risotto was really popular amongst the group, along with the spring salad and the caprese salad. We had a nice affordable bottle of Pino Grigio $45 (okay we had more than one)

          They also are doing a prix fix; either a app, main and dessert or just the app and main. Looked good.

          1. re: Shorttyred

            I have also enjoyed excellent meals there. I ordered the American Wagyu and my companion had 3 of the biggest cocktail shrimp I have ever along with a classic chopped salad and Filet.

        1. re: Foodie0423

          JP Challet is getting ready to open Ici on Harbord @ Manning. by the look of things, it should be soon!

          1. re: Delish

            who than is the chef and sommelier? although we will call and inqure. thanks for all the posts, we appreciate it.

            1. re: macika

              Can one reserve seating on the terrace or do you have to ask for it when you arrive ?

              1. re: Bigtigger

                You can reserve and/or ask for it!