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Fishlips Sushi Truck ~ Short review + pics

Today we ate at FishLips Sushi Truck. They were located in Little Tokyo, near downtown.
When I first heard of a truck selling sushi, I was somewhat skeptical, but I am glad I decided to give it a try. It was so good, every bit of it. They use high quality and very fresh ingredients. Their rolls were very good, and the tamari balls practically melt in your mouth.
Their truck is impeccable, very clean, and very well equipped. They are also very well organized, in every way. Imagine that you are eating at a sushi bar, and practically you can see everything that is going on. (no seats available)
Our sushi was prepared to order, but it was ready quite fast.
There is one window where you place your order and pay, and another for pick up.
I highly recommend them.
You can find them on Twitter:

photos: http://tinyurl.com/fishlipssushi

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  1. Thanks for this. Looking forward to trying it out.

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      You are welcome! It is a great Sushi Truck! Enjoy!

    2. Been to the truck twice now... Great sushi at a fair price.


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      1. Update:
        I have been to Fishlips Sushi about 3 times now, and still it's as good as the first time, last night they were in Venice for First Friday, the sushi chefs were extremely busy, but they still had that friendly smile on their faces. They had a big crowd of customers, and everyone was very happy, and just raving about the sushi.

        One more picture here:

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          Just picked up a Small California Set for $5.95. And Subway is selling footlongs for $5.00
          Good bye Subway hello Fish Lips. They are parked today from 11:00-1:00 p.m. on a service road adjacent to Imperial about 2 blocks West of Sepulveda on the South Side of the street. You can see the truck when driving on Imperial ( its not at 1700 as the site said). Wow these guys are so nice and the fish is very fresh. Westsidegal, go check them out. You are the Ivan Bosky of sushi :), so if you write them up well they will have a fleet of trucks in no time soon. Very Very Clean, Fresh and again Wonderful people. Check out the site and and they do Twitter as well. Just love the concept..

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            Glad to read your review! Yes, they are some of the nicest people, their sushi is good and they use very fresh ingredients.
            I will try to catch up with them again this coming weekend.


        2. thank you for the review. i have been wanting to try it.

          1. the truck is at Overland & Pico right now (on Pico, north side of street). Just picked up a large spicy tuna set.. very good and reasonably priced. the temari balls are tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp & eel. not too shabby. I like this truck..

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              Mme Zoe and I are on our way and will report back.

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                We zipped right down to stated location and parked right behind the truck! There we enjoyed the food feast in the car - large tuna set and temari balls - really delicious and we really liked the crispy rice. Charming people - really sweet and they are available for catering and is that ever a fun thing to think about - sushi in the park. They are very appreciative of the business of being recommended.

              2. I'm very interested!
                The answer might be obvious, but not to me. Do they have a posted schedule, or are you just bumping into them in the various neighborhoods?

                It would be a dream-come-true if they became the modern day ice cream truck: ding-a-ling...it's the Fishlips truck coming down our street!

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                  see my post above with the link to the website.. they do have a weekly route thats changing each week and twitter too..

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                    Whoops...I missed it.
                    Thanks, Foodandwine! I'll check out the link!

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                    Tomorrow night (Thursday) they are planing to be at the the Downtown Art Walk, and Friday they said that they already have a spot to park in Venice, Abbot Kinney. They will be twitting their location, should be close to Intelligentsia Coffee, or you can check their website.
                    Today, I tried their Spicy Tuna Hot Roll, which was very good, already craving for more.


                  3. Lvgoodfood, those are beautiful photos!

                    For what it's worth, here's my take on Fishlips, which I tried earlier today:


                    Big Ghost