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Jun 19, 2009 11:34 PM

Help for good eats in the Chino Hills area

We're venturing out with our baseball team to the Big League Dreams field in Chino Hills tomorrow and with 3 hours in between the 2 games, we are going to want to get some decent food. Looking for family friendly...maybe some pizza or BBQ or something. Whatadaya got for me?

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  1. I was out there a few weeks ago (near Chino Hills State Park). There is a branch of Lucille's BBQ in Chino Hills. I'm personally not a fan of their food, but YMMV.

    In the same shopping center is a new branch of Yard House. While not necessarily "family friendly" because it's a brewpub, nor in the sense of low prices, the food's decent and there are good food options for the kidlets.

    There's also a branch of the Phillipino fast food chain Jollibee. It's mostly burgers, but the menu includes some Phillipino favorites like tocino, which is sweet grilled pork served over garlic rice. It's an interesting twist on ethnic fast food, and I'd say it's worth a look. Next door is a Red Ribbon Bakery, another Flip favorite.

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      PS, that's a great start..much obliged!

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        Coincidentally I was in Chino (or was it Chino Hills?) too, about 3 Sundays ago.
        While seated on a patio outside Starbucks, I couldn't believe I was suddenly staring at a Jollibee and a Red Ribbon Bakery right across the landscape.

        The Filipino footprint is ever-broadening
        (which is a good thing...especially if you like tocino
        I'm still hoping a flag will be planted in coastal OC someday.

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          You need to head to West Anaheim, then... lots of Filipino businesses out there. And Chino Hills is not THAT far from Rowland Heights where there's a lot of Filipino folks.

          If you were east of the 71 you were in Chino; west of the 71, in Chino Hills.

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        1. The area has become quite chain-a-fied, if its in between games, might just consider Red Robin on Grand just east of the 71 or Chili's on Grand just west of the 71, a lot more cost effective than Lucille's or Yard House. Remember the primary objective is feeding the kids.

          1. Roscoe's Deli is great for this. Burgers, Beer, Sandwiches, Beer, Flat Screens, Beer, Wings, Beer and more Beer.

            14700 Pipeline Ave

            1. Joey's BBQ is a pretty good place to go and its very near Big League Dreams Field.