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Jun 19, 2009 11:32 PM

Roasting Time on a Pig

I am slow roasting a 70lb pig today. I beg someone to tell me how long this will take if my roaster is about 300 degrees, so that I can time my dinner serving time and start the pig at the right time. I don't want my guests to be standing around waiting for dinner, and I also don't want my pig to be done 3 hours before dinner (which is 5pm). PLEASE HELP.

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  1. I don't have the specific answer you are looking for, but there have been a couple of threads recently on roasting a whole pig. Here are the links:

    Hope they help!

    1. You need to give us a lot more detail before any one can offer solid help. Are you roasting in an oven? Grilling? Smoking? Did you want the pig just done or are you wanting pulled pig? Cook times could easily range from 6-24 hours depending on what you want and how you are cooking.

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        Sorry. Roasting it in an enclosed roaster over lump charcoal (not smoking it, just indirect heat in a roaster). I'm serving it over polenta, no sandwiches. I guess I want it to a point where it's falling apart and I have nice crispy skiin. Hope that helps.

        1. re: Phil_A_Mignon

          Is there a reason you have it in a roaster? I would think that would prevent the skin from becoming crispy, particularly if the roaster is deep. If you want to put it on something, why not a sheet pan -- or directly on the side of the grill without the charcoal.

      2. I have done 60 lb pigs in about 5 hrs at 325 in a propane roaster (see pic attached as an example). So my guess is aim for about 6hrs (maybe 7hrs) and have lots of appetizers on hand in case your guests have to wait.

        PS Try not to open the lid too much as this will lengthen the cooking time. Also...if you put the pig in cold from refrigeration, it will lengthen the time by another 30 mins.

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          How many people did you serve with a 60lb pig?

          1. re: worldwarz

            In this particular case, we had about a hundred guests (maybe more) - but not all of them partook. It was a potluck so there was plenty of other food.

            I would guess that one pig can feed 30-40 people or so if that is your "main course" in a sit-down supper. I estimate the a 50% yield (ie 30 lbs of meat from a 60 lb pig). Everyone will have a nice piece of skin and plenty of meat. The leftovers could be pulled and used for other dishes later.