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Jun 19, 2009 11:30 PM

Tacos Garcia Taco Truck. Napa

Finally found time to stop and try this popular taco truck: Tacos Garcia Taco Truck - right off of Hwy 29 at Salvador. At the back of the gas station / natural gas/ propane business. Had a very well seasoned al pastor taco - bits of crispy meat, just the right amount of spice for me, a bit oily but in a good way. Also tried the fish taco: fish is floured and griddled ...... ( not deep fried ) and comes with some cabbage and a tangy dressing. I squeezed some lime on it and ate bits of radish with it ....... the fish was tender and moist - the whole thing worked together nicely. Not sure if I like this more thanTacos Michoacan or not ........ The fish taco was $2.00 - the al pastor taco was $1.50. This obviously demands some more research :~ ) Would recommend either one of them at this point.
I think that this might be the truck that has recently gotten their permit to park in Yountville on Washington Street not too far from the French Laundry ( a few blocks ).

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  1. Cool ...a Yountville taco truck. Will have to look for it. Now why didn't TK think of that.

    Tacos Garcia
    Napa, CA, Napa, CA

    1. I stopped to try it the other day too . . . I was torn between ordering the al pastor and the fish tacos. I decided on 2 al pastor . . . a bit too many pieces of fat and grissly stuff for my taste, though the flavors were excellent. Next time I will go with the fish. Thanks for the report Gordon.

      1. Tacos Garcia came along after my veggie conversion so I'll probably never know how their carnitas stacks up against Michoacan or the Mitchell truck up in Calistoga (seriously delicious cilantro suace there - would make a shingle tasty!) but I will vote their breakfast burrito as one of the best I've had. I asked for anything that wasn't meat and my burrito came with fajita-style peppers and onions, softly scrambled eggs, cheese, plenty of spicy sauce (pico or salsa, not sure which), avocado and beans. Delish - wish they hadn't moved from the first (and closer to me!) location on Soscol but I'll track 'em down to Salvador now!