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Jun 19, 2009 09:59 PM

One Sunday in Chicago (Help a Canadian boy out?)

I'm sailing into Chicago (Calumet Harbor) early Sunday morning (21st)
Hoing to get some shore leave to visit The Art Institute for the day.
(Other suggestions of things to see/do are welcome)

I've been on the boat for months now and still have a couple to go.
Needless to say I'm dying for some good food to break up the mediocre weekly menu.
(Frozen AND overcooked vegetables)

Any suggestions for good (not crazy expensive) places around The Art Institute/neighbourhood?

- A cafe for when i get off the train

- Somewhere for a lunch break

- Nice place for dinner afterwards

- Maybe a place that i can drink outside and enjoy the longest day of the year.

I guess i should get some deep-dish pizza to bring back to the boat too
Thanks for any help

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  1. The Gage (a gastro pub) is virtually accross the street from the Art Institue is quite good for lunch or dinner.

    Also, I've been hearing very good things about the restaurant (Terzo Piano) in the new modern wing of the Art Institute, but haven't been there myself yet.

    Lou Malnati's is not far away for D-D pizza.

    Lou Malnati's - South Loop Location
    805 S. State Street
    Chicago, IL 60605
    Phone: 312-786-1000

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      For pizza, the Pizano's on Madison just west of Michigan Ave. is just a couple minute walk from the Art Institute and has great pizza . . . essentially the same as Malnati's since they're owned by different members of the Malnati's family.

      Park Grill in Millennium Park is nice for dinner, and it's also nice to sit outside on a nice day and have one of their very good burgers.

      For dinner, Mercat a la Planxa is good for dinner (tapas). It's in the Blackstone Hotel on S. Michigan, near the Gage.

      For sandwiches or snacks, there's Pastoral, Fox & Obel and Wow Bao. All are pretty close to where you'll be.

          1. re: lbs

            My bad - Though FWIW I still think Lou's makes a better pie.